How to Travel to Hawaii as a Single Parent Family

Can you travel to Hawaii as a single parent with your family? Um, YES!! And you don’t have to ship your kids in cargo either to do it! (but it will save money, it’s just frowned upon). Read on…you can even find ways to go to Hawaii for FREE!!!  The original plan was a cruise […]

New Orleans

A couple of months ago I had the chance to go to New Orleans for a conference. I fell in love with the city. I really, really fell in love with the food. And my hotel gym. There were a couple of fun (and humorous) highlights from the trip that I enjoyed. We stayed at […]

Diabetes Technology–Too Much of a Good Thing?

Diabetes techonology continues to expand and grow at a rapid rate. There are plenty of apps and gadgets meant to help, but how do you allow your partner or spouse with diabetes to continue to maintain some independence while also embracing technology meant to help you or other family members help if they need it? […]

Provo Airport Review

We had the opportunity of flying out of (and into) the Provo Airport recently. While a small airport, there are some pros and cons that we want to make you aware of on your next flight. Read on to get our full Provo Airport review! Allegiant Airlines is the major jet carrier for the Provo Airport. […]

15 Free Activities for Kids in San Francisco

Fifteen free activities for kids to do in San Francisco. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great time in the city! I am completely convinced that I am a city girl. I also love the beach so San Francisco has become one of my favorite getaway spots. For fifteen years my […]

Allegiant Airline Review + Our Trip to San Francisco

Christmas morning was a wonderful morning. The kids opened their gifts and found that they were going to go to San Francisco this winter! They were thrilled and more than a little nervous when they found they would be flying a plane for the first time. Two weeks after Christmas and the day arrived that […]

A Hawaiian Vacation

We’ve been back a few weeks now, the tan has started to fade and I realized I never shared our vacation! Take a break from fall weather and sit back and relax. Grab your drink and relax by the beach because you are stepping into Hawaii for a brief moment You’re going on a Hawaiian […]

Anatomy of a Low Blood Sugar

What happens when you are heading off for a trip and have a low blood sugar at the airport? A race, an ill placed Coke machine and first class seating.  With the first security line packed my husband and I opted to race to the next security gate hoping to get through before our flight […]

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