Red Roasted Carrots

January always brings a renewed passion for healthy eating for a lot of people. As the month goes on and I get more tired, (four nights a week I get solo parenting duties while my husband is on the road) I have a harder time putting together meals. Most nights I cram my hand into a […]

50 Fresh Garden Desserts

Over the weekend you may have caught my Instagram post that included a little bit of buyers remorse after visiting the farmers market. And maybe a hint of “what do I DO with all of this food?” Because not only did I buy a huge lot of peaches, but I also bought raspberries, squash, strawberries, […]

Italian Meatball (or Meatless) Soup

The garden is overflowing with carrots, green beans, tomatoes and bell peppers. The apple trees are heavy laden with fruit. The pumpkins are growing bigger everyday. And creativity for using up all of the gardens abundant supply of vegetables and fruits is a necessity. Fresh garden food is the best flavor you can get. Picking fruit and […]

Ham and Swiss Quiche

This is one of our Sunday morning breakfast favorites. We kind of have a lot of rotating Sunday morning favorites. This is definetely one of them. I love the pie crust and quiche combination, and even the kids enjoy it! It’s a great quiche for beginners hesitant to try quiche. I’ve never been a big fan of […]

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