Substitute Italian Seasoning Mix Packet Recipe

Sometimes you just need some Italian Seasoning. It’s great for flavoring chicken and adds a great dimension to plain ol’ boring cooked brown rice. Perfect for sprinkling on a pizza or over garlic bread….vegetables. The possibilities are endless. There are many great recipes floating around the web for recipes using an Italian Seasoning Mix packet. […]

Healthy Hot Cocoa Mix

Cold weather requires this: And if you’ve done the search on the internet, you know that a healthy hot cocoa mix is hard to come by. A really, REALLY good healthy hot chocolate mix. This one has been time tested, worked and re worked and is now comfortably given as holiday gifts, or stored in the […]

Naturebox Snacks–Holiday Snacking Necessity!

From Taekwondo to soccer to school schedules, our family keeps busy on the weekdays and weekends. We are constantly on the go and a good snack is important to keep the kids fueled and healthy. I have one child that is always reaching for something that’s not so good for her. If I have healthier […]

Chicken Nugget Casserole

Chicken nugget casserole is a simple  freezer meal that is easy to assemble, freeze, thaw than bake!  Fast and simple meals have become the norm at our house from Monday-Thursday. With my husband on the road the kids seem to want to pick the same meals each and every week. Healthy frozen meals from Kashi […]

Theater Style Nacho Cheese Sauce

Theater style nacho cheese sauce is as smooth and creamy as the sauce at the movie theater but our recipe doesn’t include processed cheese.  I never got to have nachos growing up. I know, what was I missing? My dad was allergic to cheese and the alternatives at that time were nasty. Half the time […]

Microwave Barbeque Potato Chips

Okay everyone, I spent a long, LONG time researching today’s recipe. There are three things my two year old (almost three year old!) will attack you for. 1. Ice cream 2. Chocolate 3. Chips I can vividly see her a few weeks ago running like a mad woman through the house after stealing her brother’s […]

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas

“Variety is the spice of life.” These sweet potato black bean quesadillas pretty well sum that up. They are different but absolutely delicious! The veggies in this help to lighten up the quesadilla and give it great flavor. Have you noticed a pattern? Our family seems to have a “thing” with quesadillas. They are as […]

Get Your Grill On This Memorial Day Weekend

It’s time to get the grill out, unless of course you live in one of those unfortunate areas where any major holiday brings hail, rain or even snow. Then you can still get your grillin’ on, you just have to do it indoors. Which unfortunately isn’t as fun but hopefully you can still have a great […]

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