White Chocolate Apple Walnut Blondies

Gluten FreeDiary Free

This weekend’s run up the canyon was showing just the subtlest hints of fall in the air. On one tree, yellow leaves were beginning to appear where green leaves were the week before. I got home and knew I was going to have to bake something fall like. But when it’s 100 degrees outside I’ve […]

Cranberry Spinach Walnut Cups

This weekend has been a whirlwind! I’ve decided I don’t want my kids to grow up, ever! I absolutely love Christmas and couldn’t imagine not being able to do all the fun things that Christmas brings. We went and took a horse drawn carriage through the Christmas lights and went to an old fashioned toy […]

Pomegrante Salad

Friday was leftover day. Do you sense a trend with me? I’ll buy a few of the same ingredients and then make several different meals with them in order to save myself time and money. My pomegrante expiration date was rapidly approaching, and I had tons of walnuts left over from making butterscotch cookies. (The […]

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