Wingers Sticky Finger Salad

Winger’s restaurant is one of my favorite Utah places to visit. The Winger’s Sticky Finger Salad is one of my favorite dishes.  I opt for the grilled chicken in mine but the sticky fingers are delicious too. And the sauce? The sauce is AMAZING! Freaking amazing if you ask the restaurant. You can now buy […]

Wingers Sticky Fingers

How you prep your wings can be a major source of debate. Some like a vinegary tasting wing while others opt for sweet and spicy. Some want their wings hot while others like a sweet sauce. Whole restaurants like Wing Nutz aim to stop the debate and allow diners to choose their own dipping sauce. Wings […]

Wingers Grilled Sticky Finger Chicken Salad

If there is one restaurant that I could eat at everyday for the rest of my life it would be Wingers. There is something about their sauce that intrigues me. It’s not overly sweet or filled with too much vinegar. It’s the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. Add the sauce to this delicious chicken salad […]

Winger’s Grilled Sticky Finger Salad Copycat

With record breaking heat here in our state, the only thing that sounds good is a salad. And ice cream. I’ll save the ice cream for another day because today it’s about salad. I eat this salad frequently during the summer. Actually, I frequently ask my husband to take me to Wingers so I can eat this […]

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