How to Make Fake Snow

This is the only snow that I like–fake snow. I can remember as a kid Knott’s Berry Farm would bring in fake snow for sledding. My parents grew up back east as little kids and loved to show us what snow was like growing up. It was cold, wet, and ick. I hated it. Not […]

Cinnamon Pinecones

Call me crazy but as you read this I’m sitting on an airplane. Alone. With three kids. By myself. I flew them out with me by myself, we spent the day in the city until my husband could fly in later that night, spent the weekend in San Francisco together and then I flew the […]

Christmas Cookies! + A Chance to Win $200

No Christmas is complete with out Christmas cookies. Soon little cookies, fudge and other goodies will appear at our doorstep by sweet neighbors. I love taking a bite of everything. It’s always fun to see what others make. This year we’ve really had to scale back our holiday festivities–but NOT the cookies. I always love […]

Trying it Tuesday: Winter Book Swap

The site is still being revamped, so forgive the rough look. I’m excited for the new look to hopefully be finished in the next few days! It’s winter time! Even though February is here, there are still several months of winter weather left. I’m usually sooo over winter by December 26th. This winter has been […]

When Spring Hands You Snow…

Utah has some weird weather. The day before yesterday was 80 degrees. Yesterday? It was snowing. What happened to April Showers? Since we were stuck in between spring, winter and summer we made ourselves some snow cones. First rule is use some fresh snow. No colored or grass stained snow. Not good. Second rule is […]

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