Trying it Tuesday: PopChips Chicken Salad

I am trying,…TRYING to be good when eating. It’s a lot harder than I thought and I really, really struggle at nights. The other day I had a huge craving for potato chips which was totally bizarre because usually I just crave chocolate and cookies. I’ve started P90X and love it. I’m seeing great results. […]

Homemade Miso Soup

After being a little lazy and forgetting a few P90X workouts this past week, I’m getting back on track today. I’m serious. The scale doesn’t lie, and the spring like weather is serious about summer being just around the corner. (Although the four inches of snow outside of my window might say otherwise). The thought […]

Spinach Chicken Cheese Scramble

I want to throw my shoe at the radio everytime I hear a weight loss commercial that has someone loosing nine pounds in a week. Since the baby came out eight months ago I’ve lost a total of nine pounds. With only like 15+ to go. No biggie. Not for lack of trying. I squeeze […]

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