Thanksgiving Leftovers

I know. The turkey isn’t even cooked and I’m already thinking leftovers. Our favorite thing to do with leftover turkey is to take leftover rolls and slap some turkey in the middle of them. Add a little bit of lettuce, mustard and mayo, and you’ve got yourself a really, really good sandwich. But even sandwiches […]

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Thanksgiving breakfast is the best meal of the day. It’s the meal that gives you energy for cooking turkey, and usually is the last meal of the day you eat until Thanksgiving dinner. The kids will usually have a little snack, but us adults know that we need to conserve lot’s of room in our […]

Pumpkin Time!

I’m so excited that fall is here! I’m not really–I love summer, but I love fall produce. Pumpkin, apple, peaches, squash–mmm!! I’ve decided to split the year up into what would be my ideal year. Nine months of summer, 1 1/2 months of fall, two weeks of winter (just to get Christmas in), and one month […]

If I Could Choose, Would it Be Breakfast in Bed or…

If I could choose what meal I wanted to have made for me on Mother’s Day, what would I choose? Would I want to wake up to the sounds of pots and pans banging in the kitchen, the smell of pancakes or bread making it’s way down the hall and into the bedroom and the […]

Easter Breakfast

Since Easter always falls on Sunday (and Sunday is our big breakfast day at our house) of course Easter becomes about breakfast! It’s traditionally filled with french toast, a breakfast cake, cinnamon rolls or bread. Something delicious and sweet. If you are watching your sugar intake  you can sub out natural sugars like coconut sugar […]

Top 15 Kid Friendly Vegetables

Getting kids to eat their veggies can be a daunting task. I know. I’m a Mom. One week my daughter loves broccoli and my son can’t get enough apples. Next week, he just wants to eat just grapes and my daughter will only eat watermelon. It becomes a constant battle to get them to eat. […]

Candy Corn Cupcakes

If there is one thing that just screams Halloween, it’s candy corn. I selfishly buy a bag (Brach’s, good stuff!) the minute I see it come out on the shelves and stash it away–just for me. My kids love candy corn too, and have had a lot of fun trying to come up with recipes. […]

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