How to Iron Your Clothes with A Straight Iron

This idea was born out of sheer necessity one morning. The new dress I bought had a ribbon belt on it that looked like it had been crumpled and mashed in it’s packaging for a long time. I did not want to break out the iron for one little piece of clothing–I hate ironing, so […]

How to Peel A Peach

Peeling a peach is kind of like peeling a hard boiled egg. Everyone seems to have learned it a different way. I promise that this way makes it simple and easy to peel a peach. Simple. Easy. Those have GOT to be two of my favorite words. But really, you can peel a peach in […]

Using Pinterest for Meal Planning

I love to Pin. I wish I had more time in my day to spend on Pinterest. But I don’t. When I am able to get on, I find way too many things that I like. New home decorating ideas, ways to entertain the kids, and of course, new meals to try! I love looking […]

Grilled Vegetable and Pasta Salad

This pasta salad is delicious. Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod and I made this salad for our Good Things Utah segment, and since then it’s become a family favorite for us. It’s inexpensive and easy to plan around by what’s in season. To view the whole, original recipe on Maria’s site, click here. […]

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