High Protein Waffle Egg Breakfast

I can’t believe what a huge hit our three ingredient protein pancakes were. So now, we are introducing our high protein waffle egg breakfast. About a year ago this time I knew our Hawaii vacation was drawing nearer and those last stubborn few pounds were not coming off. Hello, I knew I would be spending a week […]

Asparagus Red Pepper Frittata

This delicious asparagus and red pepper frittata is filled with parmesan and pepperjack cheese, quinoa, and topped with basil.  I am really not a big frittata person. The word is too fancy. And if the word is too fancy than it usually means that I will somehow screw up the recipe when I make it. […]

Southwest Deviled Eggs–Chile Infused

Are you excited to woo your Easter guests with mayonaise, paprika and mustard filled deviled eggs–you know, the SAME deviled eggs you make every year? No? Well they are great but why not take them to the next level this year? These Southwest Deviled Eggs get turned up a notch. Infused with cilantro, jalapeno and […]

{Trying It Tuesday} How to Bake A Hard Boiled Egg

I learned how to bake a hard boiled egg in the oven a couple of years ago when several sad attempts at boiling them in water went sour. There is an art to perfect boiled eggs, and I was fast learning that I wasn’t going to be able to do it using the stove top. […]

Spinach Chicken Cheese Scramble

I want to throw my shoe at the radio everytime I hear a weight loss commercial that has someone loosing nine pounds in a week. Since the baby came out eight months ago I’ve lost a total of nine pounds. With only like 15+ to go. No biggie. Not for lack of trying. I squeeze […]

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