25+ Lego Movie Birthday Party Ideas

Over 25+ great resources to help you plan your Lego Movie birthday party. You’ll find everything that you need to plan your party right here. 


lego movie birthday party

Do you have THAT song stuck in your head from the Lego Movie?

It seems like overnight our house went from singing Frozen’s “Let it Go” and “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” to “Everything is Awesome!!!!”

That song loves to stay in your head and implant deep into your brain. So does the fact that my son is already planning for a summer Lego Movie birthday party. So today I’m collecting birthday party ideas and sharing them with you. In fact, we came up with 25+ great resources for you as you plan your own Lego Movie Themed Party.

Whether you want a DIY yourself route or a pay and print option, activities that you create or activities that someone else can do for you our Lego Movie inspired ideas are sure to make your party the talk of the town. Start scrolling for great ideas!


To get party goers coming, you need to start with some great invitations!

1. If you plan on showing the movie at your party, you might want to start with these movie ticket invitations that were highlighted by Jenn of Rook No. 17. She shows you how to print and personalize them for free!

lego movie ticket birthday invitations

2. Girls need an invitation too and this one featuring Kitty and Lucy is perfect for your daughters Lego Movie party! You can get this one off of Etsy, or use it as inspiration to design your own if you’re crafty. (Which I am NOT).

girls lego movie birthday party

3. Another great idea for invitations that can be personalized for you are these fun invitations from EK Web Designs. I love that you just send them your information and they print them for you.

lego movie birthday party invitation


The guests are coming soon and it’s time to get decorating! Here are some fun and unique decorating ideas for partygoers. 

4. If you want a true Lego movie experience, these Lego Movie printables from Truly Marvelous will give you that. You’ll get a birthday banner, cupcake circles, water bottle labels, treat bag toppers and a welcome sign for guests.

lego movie birthday decorations


The Lego movie had so many different elements that you could use for your own party–you could go with a Lego City theme and do a construction theme, a bad cop theme and use a police theme, a Lego superheroes theme to go along with the master builders assembly, or a Ninjago theme for Wild Child Lucy. Whatever direction you decide to take your party, we’ve got you covered!

5. Okay, I’m not kidding when I say that this Lego Construction Party from Kara’s Party Ideas is completely over the top INSANELY filled with party ideas, over half of which I may never, ever use because of the time she put in that I just don’t have. But it is great eye candy and you can take a few of those elements and bring them into your own party.

lego movie birthday party decorations

6. Going with a Lego police themed party? While only a picture, we loved that Emily of Coastal Inspiration gave us a glimpse of her simple to set up Lego police party. She even used gifts and items around the house as her inspiration.

lego movie birthday party

7. All right Ninja lovers! We found some great Ninjago party ideas from Catch my Party. The decorations are also over the top outrageous but we think that you can find some that you like and can interpret to fit your budget and your time. I’m loving the backdrops!

lego movie birthday party


Your guests are going to get hungry. Here are some great ideas for keeping your guests happy and fed!

8. If you are looking for something simple and easy to make, these Lego brick brownies are about as simple as it gets. Mindy of Rindy Mae shows you how beautiful these brownies fit into her Lego Party decor. You can easily frost these brownies in colored white frosting and top with M&M’s. These would adapt well if you are doing a girl themed party with Unicorn Kitty and Wild Child Lucy style colors too.

lego movie party food

9. Lego pizza is an obvious idea for a Lego themed birthday party–simply purchase pizza crust mix (or make your own) and roll it into a rectangle shape to fit a large baking sheet. Than top it with spaghetti sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Bake it and cut it into shapes with six pieces of pepperoni per slice for a rectangle, two pieces of pepperoni and four for a square. Take Me to Your Latte shows you how to make these

lego pizza

10. Too time consuming? Try these beautiful Lego cheese and crackers from Kiwi at Heart. She chose rectangular wheat crackers, topped them with a flat piece of cheese and then cut small pieces of mozzarella cheese sticks to fit on top.

lego cheese and crackers

11. Wild Child Lucy plays a big part in the Lego Movie, and if your birthday child loved her than why not serve food that Lucy would love? Erin of Movie Muse shows you how to use chocolate snack cakes to make the perfect chocolate sushi. Just don’t forget to serve some “fishy” sushi at your party too!

candy sushi

12. Lego sandwiches are also popular fingers foods to enjoy at any party. These pretty sandwiches are simple to make and easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions from The Mauve Dinosaur.

lego movie birthday party food

13. This Lego fruit tray from On Polkadot Lane is absolutely adorable and will look great next to your cheese and crackers or sandwiches.

lego food

14. If you are hosting a Cuckoo World themed party, rainbows are a MUST! They are ‘so cute’ as Unicorn Kitty would say. Cute Food for Kids has rounded up 51 different rainbow food ideas to choose from.


15. Foam swords, ninja belts and listening ears are required to play this game of Sensei says. Perfect for a little younger crowd, kids can channel their inner Wild Child Lucy with a fun game inspired by the authors of Nate and San.

16. Become a master builder and star just like Wild Child Lucy with this Ninjago Birthday party inspired obstacle course. It’s a great activity idea by Craft Interrupted. We are loving the paper star throwers and the web obstacle course.

lego movie party activities


17. We couldn’t help but give some love out to Bad Cop after seeing this incredible Lego Police birthday themed party. Handcuffed donut eating contests and obstacle races? Too fun! Head to Boo Turtle to see more.

lego movie birthday party

18. Pinatas are a birthday party must have, right? You can create and make your own Lego themed pinata with the simple instructions provided by Jonesing to Create.

lego movie birthday party


19. If you are going to go the route of building and creating at your Lego Movie party, try some of these ideas. Go with these companies, or make your own. You decide! You can rent giant Legos from Yard Party (although for the price I think you can cover boxes in paper and put some dots on them to resemble Legos and let the kids build away). Block Party Rentals is another great option. You can have buckets and buckets of Legos delivered, racetracks or create your own themed party with them. Also do a Google search of places near where you live. You might find a party close by to you. Or if you have a kajillion Legos, grab some inspiration from these companies and come up with your own activities.

20. We can’t forget Cuckoo World! This crazy, mixed up backwards birthday theme from Daily Gnome is absolutely adorable. There were no expenses spared and no details overlooked in this simple to throw party. We loved the rainbow ice cream cupcakes–we bet Unicorn Kitty would love them too!

lego movie birthday party

21. We also fell in love with some of the activities offered from Kara’s Party Ideas. Her Ninjago inspired party had some great activities. We loved the design your own headbands (you can learn to make your own here) and some of the fun games. She gives some great inspiration for making your own birthday party games inspired by Ninjago. We also think it might be great to see if you can get an actual Ninjago at your party. Why not do a search, or see if a student might be willing to come and demonstration for your partygoers?

lego movie birthday party


The guests are leaving. Send them home with something special to remember your son or daughters big day and to keep them talking long after the party ends. 

22. These DIY tool boxes from Kara’s Party Ideas are great to send your master builders home with. Fill them with popcorn like she did, candy, or other fun party favors.

lego movie party favors

23. Have old baby food jars? Paint the jars yellow, slap Emmett’s face on them and you’ve got a simple and easy party favor to give to your guests as they leave. These Lego Party Jars from Obseussed are filled with Lego brick candy, but you could fill them with anything. You could also fill it with colored M&M’s.

lego movie birthday party

24. For younger guests, consider crayons and a Lego Movie coloring sheet for party favors.

25. Following the instructions was a huge element of the Lego Movie. Send your party goers home with these fun party favor bags to build their own Lego Movie character. Daneve of Hostess with the Mostess shows you how.

lego movie party favors

26. Jessica from Take Me to Your Latte wins again. She made her own chocolate Lego men using a mold she found on the internet. You could easily do the same as she did! (Pst: You can also use them to make the Lego soap below if you wanted to do something that didn’t involve candy).

lego chocolate

27. Lego Soap is available all over the internet from Etsy to Ebay. We found this adorable Lego man and brick soap on Etsy. It’s a different and unique gift to give and will definetely get used!

lego soap




Candy Blox (aka Lego Brick Candy)

Chocolate Lego Men by Take Me to Your Latte

Crazy Mixed up Backwards Party (Great for Cuckoo World) by Daily Gnome

Cuckoo World Rainbow Themed Party Food by Cute Food for Kids

Giant Legos from Yard Party

Karate Headbands by eHow

Lego Brownies from Rindy Mae

Lego Cheese and Crackers by Kiwi at Heart

Lego Construction Party Favors by Hostess with the Mostest

Lego Movie Birthday Party Invitations from EK Web Designs

Lego Movie Coloring Pages by Lego.com

“Lego Movie” Printable Movie Tickets from Rook No. 17

Lego Fruit Tray by On Polkadot Lane

Lego Bricks Rental Company by Block Party Rentals

Lego Party Jars (No Website Listed)

Lego Party Jars (2) from Obseussed

Lego Pinata by Jonesing to Create

Lego Pizza by Take Me to Your Latte

Lego Police Themed Birthday Party from Boo Turtle

Lego Police Themed Birthday Party from Coastal Inspirations

Lego Sandwiches from The Mauve Dinosaur

Lego Soap by My Creative Clutter

Ninjago Party Decorations and Activities by Kara’s Party Ideas

Obstacle Course from Craft Interrupted

Printable Unicorn Kitty and Wild Style Lucy Birthday Party Invitations for Girls on Etsy

 Sensei Says by Nate and San

Tool Box Party Favors by Kara’s Party Ideas

Wild Child Lucy Candy Sushi by Movie Muse


Lego Movie Party Games and Ideas from Pam’s Parties and Practical Tips

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  1. I did a lego party a few years back and it was so fun but man I wish I saw this and I could do a few more things!

  2. What an AWESOME party! I love the food! How cool is the pizza squares! Great post, very informative! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are all awesome ideas! I have a Lego fanatic at my house, so I’m sure these will come in handy 😉 Featured you today!

  4. What a great round up of Lego ideas! Thanks for featuring my Lego Sandwiches from my son’s party! It’s such an awesome theme for kids…so many cool ideas!

  5. Love all the ideas, and if your interested we had a lego movie party a short while back. We created some free Lego Taco Tuesday printables if anyone is interested. Link to the Taco Tuesday Printables: http://www.simplypartyideas.com/lego-movie-party-ideas/

    • burntapple says:

      What fun ideas. I didn’t even remember this from the movie until you mentioned it. What a fun idea to build and eat tacos.

  6. Thanks for including me in your ideas! My party ideas always come out so much better on my Pinterest Board than in real life! But Lego parties are so much fun that this is my second Lego Birthday that I have done for my son! I also recommend getting the Lego Silicone Ice Cube Tray (I got mine on Amazon)…great for chocolate Legos not just ice!

  7. Jennifer Brooks says:

    Hi! I love your lego ideas and blog! I can suggest a shop where your readers can purchase lego party supplies. Its called Pixel Party Designs: http://www.pixelpartydesigns.com/collections/birthday-party-supplies/products/complete-tableware-for-lego-themed-birthday-party-service-for-8 Thanks!

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