Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Party Idea

This year is a milestone birthday year for my husband and I. And I DO NOT like celebrating milestone birthday years with “over the hill” balloons and other equally tear invoking decorations. I wanted my husband’s birthday to be fun and allow him to enjoy the day. a Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Party was the perfect idea!

What is Josh Gates Expedition Unknown?

Josh Gates answers all those mystery questions we’ve always had growing up like what really is the Bermuda Triangle? Are there actually lost cities? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Is there really a Bigfoot?

Armed with a degree in archaeology he makes sure that viewers become quickly engaged in his down to earth humble nature. He engulfs you quickly in each episode in solving each piece of the puzzle and allows you to come up with your assumptions and theories.

It’s a fun show to watch if you love history and fun for watching what the latest developments and theories are behind many of life’s historical mysteries.

Decorations for an Expedition Unknown Party

We definetely suggest going with more of earth toned or jungle themed type balloons and decorations. we loved some of these ideas and built off of that. My youngest girls went CRAZY and wanted 40 balloons but I had to let them know they were on a budget because just in that week alone we had a graduation party one day, a dog party the next day and then my husband’s birthday. The amount of planning that went into this birthday was crazy because trying to find places open during coronavirus was difficult!


Food is simple and easy. Snacks could include beef jerky, energy bars and other hiking type food ideas.

We were boring. I was tired of coronavirus and cooking and being creative with meals so I made our adventure finding a place to eat out. That actually was the biggest adventure yet. It was not easy to find a place that was open with dine in options.

Our cake was simple. I just printed a few pictures from Expedition Unknown, mounted them on cardstock and put them with toothpicks into the cake.

I also got a treasure map from our local party store and cut it to fit the cake then got some gold coins to place around the map. To finish I piped some frosting on the cake. Simple and easy!

I even made myself my own gluten dairy free version. I even found some dairy free allergy friendly gold coins.

Activities for Expedition Unknown Party

We definetely had a lot of fun with this! Josh Gates is always off solving mysteries and adventures. So in order for my husband to open one of his gifts, he had to solve a mystery first. We have all the clues and answers you’ll need in this easy printable file. Slip them into bags and ta da you’re done! You can use this as part of a treasure hunt game or a party game. We suggest this printable for teens+ We also included some GIFT TAGS in our printable too!

Link to Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Party Printable:

Other activities could include: (we found a lot of these ideas on Groupon. Look in your area for similar adventures)

Group scuba lessons, ghost tour, go on a historical tour or attend a historical event in your area, escape room, city wide scavenger hunt, group snorkeling, axe throwing, etc.

The only thing we could find open to do a private group party at the time was iDrive. It was slot car racing and so much fun!

It was like reliving my childhood again! I loved slot car racing as a kid. I didn’t tell the kids or husband what we were doing. I just gave everyone the address GPS coordinates and we had to drive there.

Expedition Unknown Themed Presents

There are some really fun gifts that could go along with this adventure. You could splurge big time or give a few smaller gifts. If you have a man or woman in your life that enjoys adventures, I’m sure they will love any one of these! I found a lot of gift ideas on Groupon and kind of went from there.

  • Scuba Diving lessons
  • Fighter jet ride or air tours (can fly in old war planes, etc)
  • Snorkeling adventure
  • Behind the scenes tours of museums, historical places in your area, etc
  • Ghost hunting tour (there are even fun overnight tours where you sleep at haunted places)
  • Treasure hunt expedition
  • Gold mining kit
  • Geode hunting adventure
  • ATV or UTV adventure
  • Wild animal encounter–lion, tiger, alligator…you name it!
  • Boating adventure–high speed boats are lot’s of fun
  • Helicopter tour
  • Zipline adventure
  • Let us know some other adventures you have found that would be fun!

We can’t wait to see and hear how you take our adventure and build on it. Please share your ideas, photos and adventures with us!

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