Make Your Own Freezer Food Pouches

These freezer applesauce pouches are simple and easy for snacks on the go, baby food or school lunches! 

Oh glorious school lunches. Our generation has made a Mom’s job so much easier with the invention of the disposable food pouch. I LOVE them! Feeding my babies was so much easier and less messy.

food pouch

But they are EXPENSIVE!

But I do buy them a lot because they are simple for road trips and a good healthy alternative to chips and candy.

So buy them I do.

And then I think there has to be a better way. So I figure it out and then share how to make freezer applesauce pouches with you.

slow cooker applesauce


  • Start with our recipe for slow cooker cinnamon applesauce. Allow it to cool before filling the pouches. 1 batch fills about 12 4 oz pouches. We usually double the recipe. You can also use your own favorite puree. We have some puree ideas in the links below under “recipes.”
  • Store the filled pouches in the freezer. We store ours in a big Tupperware container and grab them out for lunches. You can store them up to two months in the freezer.
  • Store filled pouches in the refrigerator for several days.
  • Food pouch systems are great if you are going to be making a lot or will be filling them with different types of fruits. They are OPTIONAL to buy the whole system, but I can tell you I had to run to two stores to find a .97 funnel to fill the pouches and the system may be easier to buy if you are looking to do a lot of baby food or kids food in the future. Definetely a time saver Another friend suggested using an empty ketchup bottle to squeeze the applesauce into the pouches.
  • Do you want disposable or reusable food pouches? Reusable food pouches are nice for school lunches. We found this brand that we liked because if the kids forget to bring them home, there are plenty of extras left to fill them with. Disposable are nice to have on hand too because you can throw them away afterwards and are great for picnics or road trips.


Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce

Make Your Own Baby Food

What Baby Foods Will/Won’t Freeze


food pouch system

Infantino Squeeze Station, $16.28

Little Sprout Baby Food Squeeze Pouch Maker, $14.99


reusable food pouch

YaYa Pouch 50ct reusable food pouches, 5 oz: $24.00


Little Sprout disposable food pouches, 48 pack $19.99

Infantino disposable food pouches, 50 pack $14.99

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*Note, we were not compensated by any company for sharing our opinion or specific product brands for this post.

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