Camping Mini Pizzas

This weekend we had the chance to get away for Memorial Day. It was refreshing to feel a little human again and like life is returning back to some normalcy. We took our side by side out and even stayed in a train car.

We took our camping stove and made some good camping food. Our family has a long history of camping. As in me not enjoying camping.

But I do it for the kids.

So we cooked some calorie free camping food. Bacon, eggs, tin foil dinners and these quick and easy camping mini pizzas.

These were ready in about five minutes and definetely were a favorite of the kids and teens. They loved making and cooking their own pizzas.

If you’re heading out on a camping trip, here are some other great camping meals ideas:

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Chicken Fajita Tin Foil Dinner

Dutch Oven Delights

Stovetop Chocolate Chip Cookies

Camping Mini Pizzas with Naan Bread

On each round, place one tablespoon of barbeque sauce or pizza sauce. Top with pizza toppings and cheese. Arrange pizzas on, bake on pan in propane stove on medium heat or grill on medium heat. If cooking on propane stove, cover with tin foil or lid. Bake for approximately 3-7 minutes until cheese is melted.

Remove from heat and eat.

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