These are the BEST Coconut Sugar Brownies *Gluten Free Too!*

Pssst: Keep reading but if you are new to cooking with coconut sugar read my tips for baking with coconut sugar here I know that in the past I’ve raved about these being the best coconut sugar brownies. I know. Change is hard. But as I used this recipe more and more with different flours […]

Brownie Skillet

I think brownies are one of those chocolate necessities. Right up there with chocolate chip cookies, and a big old handful of chocolate chips. Pretty much any chocolate is fine. But brownies are up there for breakups, days you need a whole pan of chocolate to offset a bad day and the most intense chocolate […]

Gluten Free Peppermint Brownies

I’ve got packages being delivered today (fingers crossed they all make it), the food will be made, a morning run will be had and a trip to pick up the husband from the airport tonight will be thrown in there somewhere. Then it’s the house cleaning, packing and getting ready to fly out on Christmas […]

The BEST Coconut Sugar Brownies! {+ Gluten Free Version}

Using coconut sugar in desserts can be a great alternative in your baking. If you’re on the road to using sweeteners like coconut sugar, than definetely try this recipe for coconut sugar brownies! The brownies are delicious and come out tasting gooey and rich just like a brownie should. If you’re new to baking with […]

Squash Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream

Yes, it might be the middle of winter and I’m posting an ice cream recipe. A rich, delicious decadent vanilla ice cream recipe to be exact. But looking in my freezer the other day I found yet another bag of squash. This bag was already pureed before I froze it, so now it looked at […]

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