Why I Run.

There are so many…SO MANY days that I don’t want to throw on those shoes and get outside. Cold weather, windy weather, too sunny, a liiiiitle too warm. Kids called and need me to drop off a forgotten permission slip. Gotta make an impromptu run to the store for a forgotten dinner ingredient. I’ve got plenty […]

Backside Workouts for Runners

One of the things that I am quickly learning after hitting a certain amount of mileage every week is that weight and strength training has become necessary as I’ve battled a few inconvience injuries. What are those? They are the injuries that never seem to sideline you–or they might for a few days or a […]

Just Dance This Holiday Season!

When I was a kid, my parents never let me have a video game system. I used to go over to my friends to play her er, first or second edition Mario Brothers game. I know, I just dated myself, big time! For my parents, they always wanted us kids to be out and about playing […]

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