Chicken Quinoa Enchilada Casserole + Harvestland Giveaway

Gluten Free

Do you remember when the craze last year was quinoa?  Quinoa EVERYTHING!! I had people writing in all the time wanting more quinoa recipes. Now it’s pretty silent when it comes to quinoa. No requests. Birds chirping. Silence. Today I’m bringing quinoa back with this amazing chicken quinoa enchilada casserole. This time in a family […]

Quinoa Banana Bread

A moist and delicious loaf of quinoa banana bread is waiting. You’ll want to grab the butter–it’s a must on any slice of fresh warm bread! A couple of months ago my husband gave me a challenge. It’s only been since I was 18 that I had my cholesterol checked and had a physical.  Now […]

Quinoa Multigrain Waffles

Breakfast is one of the most important–and tastiest–meals of the day. I love starting my day off right. If I don’t, I struggle all day with craving foods that I know I shouldn’t be eating. Changing up the norm is important. While I would be happy and content eating a bowl of cereal the rest […]

Asparagus Red Pepper Frittata

Gluten Free

This delicious asparagus and red pepper frittata is filled with parmesan and pepperjack cheese, quinoa, and topped with basil.  I am really not a big frittata person. The word is too fancy. And if the word is too fancy than it usually means that I will somehow screw up the recipe when I make it. […]

Quinoa Breakfast Rainbow in a Jar

Sometimes the inner child in me just wants to enjoy a fun breakfast from time to time. This easy quinoa breakfast is packed with protein, whole grains and lot’s of delicious fruit! But I didn’t need to tell myself that. I just liked the pretty colors. Sometimes even little old me needs to get out […]

Strawberries and Cream Quinoa Pancakes

Sweet strawberries and cream blend with the nutty taste of cooked quinoa to create one beautiful quinoa pancake!  If you haven’t gotten on the quinoa bandwagon yet, these pancakes might send you running for some. I love popping a few of these in the microwave after one of my morning runs. Each bite of this […]

Oh the Messes They’ll Make…

Having a new puppy and a one year old is a fantastic combination. Puppy messes are always fun–torn up paper everywhere  or the best yet–watching her run down the hall as fast as her little legs will carry her with one of the kids large stuffed animals in her mouth.  Of course, now that she’s […]

How to Cook Quinoa: Two Ways!

Quinoa is one of my favorite grains. It is full of  protein and packed with lot’s of vitamins. It is so easy to cook with and adapts easy to many recipes. One of the great things about quinoa is it cooks much like rice and has a delicious nutty flavor. It’s fantastic as a main […]

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