Microwave Barbeque Potato Chips

Okay everyone, I spent a long, LONG time researching today’s recipe. There are three things my two year old (almost three year old!) will attack you for. 1. Ice cream 2. Chocolate 3. Chips I can vividly see her a few weeks ago running like a mad woman through the house after stealing her brother’s […]

Cranberry Rosemary Squash

I feel like I can make dinner each night. Simple and easy. Dessert? Easy. Side dishes? Man I struggle. We eat salads and green beans and apples as side dishes on a pretty regular basis. Occasionally I’ll throw in some cooked carrots or spaghetti squash. When I came across this simple and easy side dish […]

{Trying it Tuesday} How to Make Baked Tortilla Strips

Trips to the store are not relaxing with an almost two year old, and more and more I find myself just grabbing something off the shelf without reading labels or looking at the price. I’ve always been a smart shopper, but with a toddler you just want to get in and get out fast. Add […]

Boudin Bakery Garlic Asiago Sourdough Crackers

One year ago, my husband and I left the kids and flew away for a weekend getaway to San Francisco. It was the perfect weekend. We had a great time–mainly because ten years before that we had gone there for our honeymoon and I spent the entire time hugging the toilet. It was great to […]

Vegan Sweetened Condensed Milk

With child #1, we went through a whole process of giving up foods–gluten, dairy, etc. in an effort to finally find out what was wrong with her. She ended up having megacolon, a painful thing to watch her go through her first few years of her life but a relatively easy treatment. Child #2 was […]

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