Unicorn Poop Cookies

When I made these cookies, I had every intention of calling them “rainbow cookies.” Something cute for Saint Patrick’s Day. When I showed them to my eleven year old, she said, “Mom, those are NOT rainbow cookies.” I will admit that when she said that I took no offense to it. Having an eleven year […]

Healthy Leprechaun Donuts

What a fun activity to do with your children! We love Family Fun Magazine at our house and this recipe for leprechaun donuts really stood out to us. We totally wanted to do it and ended up making it into our movie night treat. We knew we could make it a little healthier, so we […]

Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes

Last year, I posted these Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes. I found the recipe in a Family Fun magazine and loved it, but thought that it could be healthier. For one, I’m not one that likes to use artificial dyes. So I used India Tree vegetable dyes available at stores like Whole Foods Market. They are pricier, […]

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes

My daughter was flipping through the Family Fun Magazine when the last page caught her eye. It was a recipe for rainbow cupcakes–perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. I looked down the ingredient list and was a little upset. They used food dyes and a white cake mix. I thought that I could make it much […]

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