Lemon Curd Snowball Cookies

Yes, the lemon curd is back. This time we made lemon curd snowball cookies. It was easy for me because I was able to make up a version I could eat and one the rest of the family could eat. It definetely made my life easy! This week my daughter is off to her first […]

Lemon Curd Bars–AMAZING!!

Sometimes I get extremely tired of the same offerings at the two health food stores in my town and need to take a forty minute round trip to my local Trader Joe’s. While there, I stock up on some of my favorite gluten free pasta for the family, ┬ásome┬áTrader Joe’s cookie butter for the husband […]

Ranch Oyster Crackers

Will we have a “Superbowl Monday?” My little boy and I read all the facts on the Superbowl and what will entail to make it go on as planned. Machines to melt multiple thousands of tons of snow, heat lamps, plows and machines to salt (can I have the heat lamp please?–a heat lamp over […]

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