{Tuesday’s Tips} Tin Foil S’mores Desserts

Last summer at an outdoor BBQ party with some of our close friends, we were introduced to a new way of making s’mores desserts. Once we made them this way, we never went back to trying to roasting marshmallows over an open fire for s’mores again. The chocolate melts perfectly, the marshmallow turns golden to perfection, and the graham cracker retains it’s crispy exterior. It’s the perfect summer dessert.

s mores dessert

1. Assemble Your Ingredients: Tin Foil, Chocolate Bars, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows

2. Make Your S’Mores Sandwich: Graham Cracker, Chocolate, Marshmallow, Graham Cracker

3. Start Wrapping Your Sandwich in Tin Foil. Careful, Your S’Mores Sandwich Doesn’t Like Staying Upright on It’s Own Yet.

4. Make Sure to Wrap the Ends Tight

5. Stick Your Tin Foil Packet in the Campfire or On a Grill. Bake for 3-5 Minutes, Checking Often for Doneness. S’Mores are Cooked when Chocolate and Marshmallows are Melted.

s mores dessert

Warning: Expressions Like This Are Common:

kids and s mores



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  1. deb in Georgia says

    I’m sure your way is delicious but to me a s’more isn’t a s’more without that over the fire roasted marshmallow!”

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