Grilled Donuts with Strawberries and Cream

Delicious grilled donuts with strawberries and cream will become one of your favorite desserts!  It’s a good feeling to think I survived the first year of my masters program because I really didn’t think that I would. Don’t get me wrong. There have been a lot of times that I’ve wondered if it’s the right […]

50 Fresh Garden Desserts

Over the weekend you may have caught my Instagram post that included a little bit of buyers remorse after visiting the farmers market. And maybe a hint of “what do I DO with all of this food?” Because not only did I buy a huge lot of peaches, but I also bought raspberries, squash, strawberries, […]

Quinoa Breakfast Rainbow in a Jar

Sometimes the inner child in me just wants to enjoy a fun breakfast from time to time. This easy quinoa breakfast is packed with protein, whole grains and lot’s of delicious fruit! But I didn’t need to tell myself that. I just liked the pretty colors. Sometimes even little old me needs to get out […]

Peach Lemonbalm Flavored Water

A refreshing flavored water infused with peach and lemonbalm. This fruit flavored water is a perfect summer time quencher.  ‘Tis the season for flavored water this year. It seems like every magazine I’ve gotten delivered to my door this summer has flavored water gracing the cover. For water lovers like me, I love it! My […]

Blueberry Salsa Dessert

Most nights I crave something sweet after the kids go to bed. Eighty percent of the time I crave chocolate, biscoff, or Nutella. Of course ice cream or a refreshing drink seem to top the list this time of year, but it usually includes some of the above named ingredients. The other twenty percent of […]

Guest Blogger: Sweet and Sour Summer Dessert

I’m loving April’s Country Life. She’s guesting today while I’m vacation–as in oh crap! the kids get out of school in two days and I’ve got NOTHING ready for them type vacation! It’s not a bad thing taking a shopping vacation. I can’t ever complain about that. See you tomorrow with a fabulous ice cream […]

Pomegranate Orange Walnut Salad

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the time I could post a yummy salad recipe. And it’s here. While our weather is quite the roller coaster lately, I love the warm days where I can feel summer right around the corner. Finals are wrapping up and I can’t wait for swimming lessons, lazy summer days, and […]

Fruity Granola Cup

So I’ve been doing Insanity now for 4 weeks. This week started my Max Interval training workouts, and I’ve found my appetite has decreased dramatically even though I’m supposed to be increasing my amount of calories I consume in a day. So while not a new recipe, it is a good one for anyone wanting a […]

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