Restaurant Style Salsa

Salsa and chips are about as classic as it gets. I love sitting down and enjoying a bowl of our blueberry salsa, but a good old classic restaurant style salsa and chips  is just as good too. Recently I’ve seen some really fun chip flavors popping up. One of my favorite brands of chips is from […]

Blueberry Salsa Dessert

Most nights I crave something sweet after the kids go to bed. Eighty percent of the time I crave chocolate, biscoff, or Nutella. Of course ice cream or a refreshing drink seem to top the list this time of year, but it usually includes some of the above named ingredients. The other twenty percent of […]

Blueberry Salsa

I’m starting off the week a little depressed, so I’m hoping that this blueberry salsa recipe will make me feel better. I crunched the side of the car this weekend. We’re okay, but my pretty car isn’t. I must remember that cement barriers always win. Financially and when it comes to the car. I love […]

Ultimate Chicken Nachos

Because I’m a wee bit tired (understatement) from staying out late to watch the midnight premiere of Hunger Games, I fell to a backup recipe that our family loves and enjoys over and over again. What I mean is we eat it during football season. We devour it during basketball season. And sometimes we just […]

Pomegranate Orange Salsa

There is one combination that just screams winter to me. Pomegranates and oranges. Mix the two together, and the flavor is just perfect. I was looking for something sweet, but spicy too. On my counter sat a box of clementine oranges. A pomegranate was sitting next to the clementines. And it was lunchtime and I […]

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