Four Gifts for the Amateur Chef in Your Life

After a recent Instagram post, so many of you have asked how I am feeling and doing. I can’t even talk about it right now. I’ll usually respond with “loaded question.” I’m feeling like I can’t even begin to put how I’m feeling into emotions, but I will sometime. Someday. When I can. I’m grateful for this guest post to help swoop in and help during this difficult time for the family. 

Maybe you have a spouse or sibling who loves to cook. They get a thrill out of trying new recipes as well as learning creative ways to freshen up traditional ones. Getting a gift for that person is a great way to show your support for them and their cooking endeavors. Look at four gift ideas for the amateur chef in your life.

hangry apron

A Funny Apron

An apron is a practical item, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Consider getting your loved one an apron with a personalized message on it. Or, maybe get an apron in the person’s favorite color or with a funny image on it. Every time the person ties on the apron to cook, he or she will think about you and your unique gift. Be sure to get one that is washable and made of durable material.


Seasonings of all kinds can jazz up a piece of steak, chicken or fish that is sizzling on the grill. So, consider a selection of grill seasoning sets when thinking about a gift for your beloved chef. Your loved one can experiment with the seasonings to make great recipes even better.

best oven mitts

A Pair of Oven Mitts

A pair of oven mitts can be useful with any item that goes in the oven or on top of the stove. A quality pair of oven mitts is made of durable, breathable material and will stand up to the inevitable spills and stains that happen during meal preparation.


A Pizza Stone

If your loved one enjoys making pizzas of all kinds, then a pizza stone may be the best gift option for you. This item helps a pizza to cook more evenly in the oven and makes a delicious veggie or meat pizza taste even better.

An enthusiastic chef deserves a collection of kitchen utensils, ingredients and supplies that will make meal preparation and experimentation even more enjoyable. A thoughtful gift that helps in your loved one’s cooking projects is sure to be appreciated.

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