Grilled Pepperjack Steak Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bonus! Quesadilla Option **Low FODMAP**

Labor Day is around the corner and you’ve got one more good excuse to fire up the grill before fall! This grilled pepperjack steak grilled cheese sandwich (or quesadilla!) uses the same filling for both but gives you two different options for meals. Everyone can use that at the beginning of the school year!

This weekend we hit the boat with our friends and got out on the lake for a few hours. It was nice (and needed!)

There’s something that’s totally relaxing about the ocean or lake. It makes me think about buying new toys…like paddleboards, kayaks…a new truck…another boat…

When we got home everyone was tired and hungry and we needed a meal that was quick and easy to make for hungry kids.

We grilled some steak and then threw them into some tortillas and made some quesadillas. Except for me. I had run out of corn tortillas. So I made a grilled cheese sandwich. And it was delicious!

What type of steak should you use?

There are a variety of different types of steak you can use. I did some research and I would recommend tri tip or New York.

What kind of cheese is best for steak?

We like full pepperjack cheese for a lot of spice, but we’ve also lately been a fan of using half Sargento Mozzarella & Provolone blend with half pepperjack for the kids who aren’t so thrilled about spicy. Or you can use monterrey jack.

What kind of onion should you use?

For a low FODMAP version, use green onions in this recipe. For a little variety you can use yellow onion rings that you grill while cooking the steak.

Grilled Pepperjack Steak Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bonus! Quesadilla Option


  • 1 lb steak (we recommend tri tip or New York)
  • Yellow onion, sliced into rings or chopped green onion (ends only of the green onion for FODMAP)
  • 1 cup monterrey jack, pepperjack or mozzarella/provolone cheese blend
  • 4 flour or corn tortillas or bread for grilled cheese (use gluten free tortilla/bread for low FODMAP)


Season steak with salt and pepper. Preheat grill to medium heat. Place steak on grill and cook to desired doneness. Add yellow onion slices the last five minutes of cooking. We use a grill mat to carmelize the onions while grilling and for tender meat.

When steak (and onions if using) are cooked, remove from heat and slice steak into thin strips.

On one half of the tortilla place desired amount of steak, approximately 1/4 cup of cheese and green onion or yellow onion. Fold the other half of the tortilla over the meat and place back on the grill. Cook for 1-3 minutes on one side until tortilla is browned, then flip and cook on the other until browned and cheese is melted.


Butter one side of two pieces of bread. Place desired amount of steak, 1/4 cup cheese and green or yellow onions. place the other top of the bread over the top of the sandwich, butter side out.

Place sandwich on the grill, cooking for 1-3 minutes on one side until bread is browned, then flip the sandwich and cook on the other side until bread is browned and cheese is melted.

Remove from heat and serve.

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