Allie’s Dog DNA Reveal Party

Allie became a permanent fixture in our home when my ex husband passed away. The kids told me that Allie was a havapoo–a combination of havenese and poodle.

But Allie doesn’t really look like a havapoo. She has a much longer body and she looks more like a weinerpoo or chihuahuapoo.

I had been talking about getting a DNA test for Allie for a long time. It was driving me crazy to not know and people would see her and speculate about what they thought she was.

To end the discussions, we decided to get Allie a DNA test for Christmas.

We chose the Wisdom Panel DNA test...mainly because we felt the price was reasonable and the results were going to be very accurate from the reviews we read.

All the test requires are a simple cheek swab. Have you ever swabbed a dogs cheek? And let me add a dog who is afraid of EVERYTHING EXCEPT the fire alarm? She literally cowers at everything and then the fire alarm goes off and she’s jumping around playing nonchalantly while our dog who is afraid of NOTHING BUT the fire alarm is having a dogxiety attack by the refrigerator.

Swabbing her cheek for DNA on a little 10 pound dog should be considered an Olympic sport. But we got it and sent it in.

The results came back and as we are in the throes of blenderizing our family we got the two littlest girls so excited about finding out what Allie was going to be that we decided to throw Allie her first party.

Which I was sure she would be afraid of.

Before the party I googled and Dog DNA reveal parties are becoming a BIG thing.

So I invited my sister and her son over. Gotta make it a party. Then my daughters decided they were going to text half the family the results so it really became a party.

If you are looking at hosting a dog DNA reveal party, here are some great ideas we used and others we found and loved too:


Dog bone or paw balloons, different breed dog balloons and decorations are all perfect choices for throwing a dog DNA reveal party. We found some really cute birthday party ones and just didn’t use the “happy birthday” part of the banner. Party packs using words like “let’s pawty” and “woof” are all perfect choices for a dog DNA reveal party.


For dogs:

Food is a fun one and the dogs will have a great time too getting a special treat! We just made some simple sugar cookies and piped some frosting paws and bones on the cookies. You can also buy your dogs some storebought cookies or even a cute cake like this one or this one.

For humans:

Mystery Oreos or Dog Shaped Sugar Cookies are the perfect finger food treats. You can also opt for Scooby Doo bone shaped cinnamon graham crackers.


No party would be complete without some DNA reveal party games. We opted for a simple Guess the Breed game. Allie was three major different breeds so we had each of the kids pick the three different breeds. Surprisingly the kids began a war over who got to stick their name on “dachshund.” Because Allie is so long, we thought she must have some dachshund in her.

To make the game, we just got a poster board and printed dogs from a small breed dog website. Everyone had to put their name on the three different breeds that they thought represented Allie.

Other fun DNA reveal party games could include Give a Dog a Bone game, or a dog breed trivia game. We also like this fun the Office inspired dog breed guessing game. You could also do a Jeopardy themed board.


There are some fun ways to present the great reveal. We did a simple envelope with the results inside.

You could also do balloons, but instead of filling them with pink or blue, fill them with pictures of the different dog breeds your dog is.

In the end, there are lot’s of fun ideas coming out for Dog DNA reveal parties. Let us know if you want your party included below!

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