Cake Batter Rice Krispies Plus Mall Day Entrepreneurs

Cake batter rice krispies are the perfect treat for rice krispy and cake lovers!

I have a problem. I often am thinking about desserts and new combinations and the other day I thought about cake batter. When you have allergies, cake batter is a big deal. There aren’t very many gluten free cake batters that I will eat before cooking. Most are not that appetizing. (If you have some brands you will eat, please leave a comment so I can retract my statement!)

It has been sooo long since I had rice krispies and even longer since I’ve had cake batter. With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner I really wanted something sweet that combined the two. I did a little research and found that Pillsbury Gluten Free Funfetti is the most popular and best tasting amongst reviewers and Color Kitchen as another.

While thinking about cake batter and rice krispies I helped my daughter with her first mall day at her school. Mall day is a great project for young elementary students. My daughter had to come up with a business plan, how much she would sell her products and then had to sell her products amongst her peers.

She of course chose dogs.

It’s always about the dogs. Maybe it’s because they have such a monopoly for attention in our home. This one got a wee bit mad it was storming outside and we were heading off to the gym instead of a run with her so she protested by the gym bag.

She came up with some great things to sell from origami dogs to paw print bags filled with Tootsie Rolls and dog lollipops.

Her first mall day was a pretty good success. I missed taking pictures of my stepdaughters. She opted for a panda themed mall day. Her group did some black and white pom pom headbands and scrunchies, bags filled with white and chocolate fudge Oreos and green sour apple ropes to mimic bamboo. They also did a panda tic tac toe game and panda water bottles.

And after the girls were finished and they went to bed, I enjoyed a little batch of these gluten free cake batter rice krispies.

Cake Batter Rice Krispies

  • 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) butter
  • 1 10oz bag (apx 6 cups) of mini marshmallows
  • 2/3 cup boxed Funfetti cake mix (for gluten free we suggest Pillsbury Gluten Free Funfetti, Color Kitchen Gluten Free Funfetti, or Annie’s Organic Funfetti (contains gluten)).
  • 6 cups rice krispie cereal
  • 1/2-1 cup sprinkles

In a large saucepan, melt butter and mini marshmallows over low heat, stirring occasionally. When marshmallows have melted completely and mixture is smooth, stir in the cake batter and 1/4 cup sprinkles. Fold in rice krispie cereal and continue stirring until well blended.

Pour cereal mixture into a 9×13 inch pan. Press mixture evenly into pan. Sprinkle with additional 1/4-1/2 cup sprinkles and press into rice krispies. Allow mixture to cool then cut into squares to serve.

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