Pheasant and Wild Rice

For those who like to hunt (I’m out!) pheasant hunting season has just come to a close and hopefully your freezer is stocked with birds. My husband loves to take our german shorthair pointer Chelsea out. She is an amazing dog and always wants to catch the bird (or the cat that comes to visit in the backyard. Or the squirrel. Or the deer that jumps out at us as we run). Even on our runs she will occasionally stop and point while I continue to run. ┬áSometimes we throw the pheasant she finds into a crockpot and make a sauce to go over noodles or rice. Other times we make it into a pie or place it in a roasting bag and make some pheasant and wild rice.

simply organic steam gourmet

Having fresh meat tastes amazing. There truly is a difference between fresh meat and store bought meat.

But that doesn’t mean that I allow my husband to bring home my meat feathers and all. I have a firm rule–when he brings the bird home it has to look like the bird I would buy from the store. No feathers. He did that to me one time and I almost threw up.

Pheasant tastes a lot like chicken to me. You do have to be a bit careful when cooking with it though. It can dry out easily with it’s lower fat content. It’s also a game meat so it can be more tough. Definetely need to keep it moist while cooking to avoid that.

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Pheasant Wild Rice Pie

Today we’re making pheasant and wild rice–this time with a little help from a friend. simply organic steam gourmet

Simply Organic has started making a new line of products called Steam Gourmet. Each box contains two parchment bags and two seasoning packets–perfect for two meals. Each Steam Gourmet kit runs around $5.99-7.99 (so $2.99-3.99 per meal) and you can save $1/3 with this coupon. Yummy flavors include Garlic Herb Chicken, Paprika Chicken, Sesame Ginger Salmon and Cajun Chicken. The great thing about the kits is they are interchangeable. We used the Garlic Herb with our Pheasant and the Sesame Ginger with Chicken. We also used the Paprika chicken with a steak. They were so easy!

You simply take your pheasant (I would recommend two to three pheasants for each bag and seasoning packet)–or one whole chicken if you’re using chicken–and place it on a plate.

simply organic steam gourmet

Sprinkle the seasoning over it.

simply organic steam gourmet










Simply slide your chicken or pheasant into the parchment bag.

simply organic steam gourmet

Now cook for approximately one hour or until chicken or pheasant is cooked thoroughly. Look at all the juices it makes while cooking. YUM!

pheasant recipe

Serve with some wild rice. And then the best part.

pheasant and wild rice


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  1. Hi Traci, I am glad to see you are posting. I have been concerned about you. Could you please contact me ASAP?

  2. My favorite way is to flour and fry in butter. Simple and to never makes it to the table. Kids eat it as soon as it hits the cooling rack.

    • burntapple says:

      I am going to have to try that. It sounds delicious and I bet it doesn’t dry out the meat too much either. Thanks for sharing!

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