Summer Photos {2015}

Summer is just getting started but we’ve already had a busy time! Here are a few glimpses from our┬ásummer so far:

desert sunset

I love a good desert sunset…

desert jackrabbit

Can’t even tell you how many years we’ve been coming to Papa and Grandma’s house hoping to get a picture of one of these cute little jackrabbits…

854b87df314101e27340_opt (1)

Visiting Papa and Grandma’s new house they are building. Pay no attention to the wierdos in the photo. Not quite sure who the kids Mom and Dad are…they just kind of showed up to photobomb…

green belt

Someone learned to board break! We were all so proud that the drama, emotional “I can’t do it’s” and tears have now left the building. Now we know why the saying “No one is prouder than the parents” was invented. We are so incredibly proud of her! She is one tough girl and her father is happy that he has given her a life long skill of kicking the crap out of any boy that enters our house. He’s also taught her how to shoot a gun so I think we’re good now in knowing my poor girl will never, ever have her first date thanks to Dad.

candy bomber orem


The Candy Bomber came to our town for the Fourth of July. Being a huge WWII history buff, we HAD to go. Later that night, we heard the candy bomber doing a surprise night flight over our neighorhood. The kids (big) and small went running outside to see him. The little one thought he was so excited that he knew where she lived. The kids were jumping in the street waving. So was the husband. Gotta admit, it’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen him jump that high.

socks and sandals


I think we need to teach her about no socks with sandals. I can’t even explain this at all.



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