My FAVORITE Bread Recipe….I Use it For EVERYTHING!!

The best thing about this week have definetely been the warmer temperatures. We’ve broken out the bikes and headed for the trail by our house.

And the best part? Rain instead of snow have finally started falling. RAIN. Not SNOW. I love rain! No breaking out the shovels, no having to plan for extra time on the roads. Nope, spring and summer are just around the corner and I’m excited!

under an hour bread

This recipe is one of my favorite bread recipes of all times. I use it for fry bread, rolls, pizza crusts, bread loaves, and pretty well any recipe requiring bread. It’s the perfect recipe, and works EVERY time I make it and it’s the BEST under an hour bread recipe. Yes, you read that right. This bread is done…hot, homemade and fresh out of the oven in under an hour and tastes amazing!

Click here for our FAVORITE Bread Recipe! 

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