COVID-19 Field Trips For Getting Out or Staying In! Engage Your Kids and Teens!

COVID-19 hasn’t slowed our family down. It’s definetely made us try some new and unique things, but it hasn’t slowed us down.

Especially the trips to and from the refrigerator. Ugh! I’ve declared a war on that.

One of the things the kids are getting is very b-o-r-e-d.

It was hard to motivate them to do their schoolwork and most of my kids elementary teachers are focusing on the core basics–english, science and math. The teens are just b-o-r-e-d.

So we added in some history and the kids had a BLAST! We’ve traveled around the world and some fun places here at home in the past few weeks and it has been so much fun–even for the teenagers! (They won’t admit it though). It’s gotten us out of the house and exploring different areas (safely!)

We have the file for you to download below and all the instructions you’ll need to get this project started here!

And even if COVID-19 restrictions lift soon, it’s still a great activity for beating the inevitable summer time boredom, wintertime boredom and helping kids learn about different places they can travel to or visit. We included some field trip ideas too for after restrictions end.

Hope you and your family have a great summer!

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