Slow Cooker Puerto Rican Pot Roast

The slow cooker has definetely gotten a lot of use lately. Soccer season is starting, my oldest has another play starting and my middle now attends taekwondo three days per week. Throwing something in the crockpot before work in the morning is a must. This slow cooker Puerto Rican Pot Roast recipe was one that […]

St Patricks Day Rainbow Cake For One +Trampoline Troubles

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We really didn’t do a whole lot this year. Usually our leprechaun leaves us some very nice cereal and gold coins for breakfast but unfortunately this year the leprechaun cleared all the shelves at the grocery store and forgot to leave anything for anyone. But we did make a rainbow cake. […]

Upgrade Your Snacks with Some International Inspiration

I am definetely one that loves salty snacks. If you love your salty foods, chances are you often find yourself a little bored with the same basic options. It’s actually very easy to add a little variety to your snack routine by making some simple yet tasty swaps with a few special ingredients. Take yourself […]

Chip Cookie Bakery “The Biscoff Chip” Cookie Recipe + First Hike

The kids went on a cookie kick this past week and brought home one of my favorite cookies: Biscoff. Its the one thing that I can’t have now that I’m gluten free (just kidding, after they brought them home and made me drool while they ate them in front of me I made a gluten […]

Allergy Friendly Chocolate Surprise Eggs + AGT Meets American Idol

I was sitting in a conference and a thought came to me. Inside my swag bag was chocolate. Chocolate sounded really good during one of the speeches. Then I started thinking about Kinder eggs. And those chocolate surprise eggs with the toys inside. And then I decided to recreate my own. These chocolate surprise eggs […]

Garlic Parmesan Sheet Pan Dinner + Rowing Away

This easy garlic parmesan sheet pan dinner is delicious and is so easy to make! This winter has been a tough one to keep the kids active and fit. Years ago, we had a treadmill. I would love running on it in the early mornings when the kids were really young and I couldn’t get […]

What to Do If You Have 24 Hours in Park City

My Mom was conspiring against me. Operation Get Me to Relax was starting behind my back. The kids were in on it. My boyfriend was too. The kids weren’t thrilled, but they were on board and definetely knew that I was needing some time away. As a counselor and now as a post-divorce widow your […]

Gluten Free French Gourmet Dinner + First Dance

Her first dance is in the books. And it was a lot of work! For this dinner since her date is gluten free, we made a gluten free french gourmet dinner and dessert that matched what the others were eating. When my daughter came home earlier that week she talked about what the menu was […]

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