BBQ Chicken Salad with Foster Farms

This post is courtesy of Foster Farms Simply Raised Chicken. All opinions and recipe are my own. This time of year is just busy. I wake up at 4:30 and am off for a morning run. And from there on out the rest of the day is spent at work, running kids around, homework, and […]

Himalaya Organic

I often say that my job is the best. I get to be a Mom, I work with kids all day helping them reach their goals, and I get to try innovative and new products to share with you. I often share food (that’s my niche) but we also love sharing other cool products with […]

Purple People Eater Smoothie

Getting kids to eat healthy can be a bit of a chore sometimes. Okay, a HUGE chore. I’ve had to come up with some creative ideas over the years, and this time of year some creative names for the greens I make them eat. Several years ago we made these Halloween themed smoothies. This year, […]

Make Your Own Freezer Food Pouches

These freezer applesauce pouches are simple and easy for snacks on the go, baby food or school lunches!  Oh glorious school lunches. Our generation has made a Mom’s job so much easier with the invention of the disposable food pouch. I LOVE them! Feeding my babies was so much easier and less messy. But they […]

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Applesauce

Slow cooker cinnamon applesauce is easy to make (no peeling skins!) and makes for a delicious side dish with any meal. See how we make this delicious recipe into easy school lunch food pouches.  Fall is here! A few weeks ago we had the chance to head up the canyon to snap a few photos […]

Creamy and Hot Caramel Apple Cider

I had the chance to pair with a company to bring you a fun video on Instagram. It was interesting. I’m not one that loves selfies, being in front of the camera, or having the spotlight on me. So it was definetely one of those things that brought me out of my shell that’s for […]

Homemade Breaded Chicken Fingers with San J Gluten Free Dipping Sauce

Coming up with fun and original meals for the family can be tough. Making sure they are healthy too can be a bit of a challenge. Add to that I have to eat gluten free while the rest of the family enjoys gluten filled chicken fingers can also make it a challenge. One of our […]

Apple Cider Caramel Popcorn with White Chocolate Drizzle

Oh glorious popcorn. Nothing is better than a fall night curled up under a blanket with a bowl of fresh popcorn and watching my favorite fall shows. Sometimes popcorn needs a little twist though and this amazing apple cider caramel popcorn with a white chocolate drizzle takes a normal bag of popcorn to a whole […]

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