Gratitude and Thanks

This Thanksgiving it has been a breath of fresh air to see so many turn the internet into a place of gratitude and thanks. Even celebrities turned to the internet and social media to share what they are grateful for. I’m not always the best at sharing everyday on social media but one of my […]

Garlic Herb Top Sirloin Steak

I blame the cruise. The kids were introduced to cuts of meat like filet mignon and since have decided that they have inherited a love for steak. But they don’t pay for the steak and have no concept of what it costs. We save steak for those nights we want a nice meal and this […]

Fire and Ice or Fire and Blood Black Velvet Cake with NO Artificial Dyes!

Gluten FreeDiary Free

Fire and ice (or fire and blood) black velvet cake is one of the prettiest cakes you’ll make and enjoy eating! And you can make this 100% all natural with all natural dyes! That’s right, you can make this cake with no artificial dyes and get a nice deep black velvet color without the use […]

The Prettiest Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten Free

This weekend the temperatures went from record breaking highs (75 degrees) to snow. And when that happens it’s only right to make some soup and have some cookies. And since it’s still fall it’s only right to have some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. But if you’ve made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies before, you know that […]

Protein Pumpkin Waffles for One

We hope you had a very Happy Halloween whatever you ended up doing or how you celebrated this year. We were so excited that so many people made Halloween such a very safe and enjoyable night for kids everywhere!  Earlier in the afternoon I had to go to the grocery store. It was an Olympic […]

DIY Halloween Dog House Treat Station

A MESSAGE FROM US (THE DOGS): This year has not only been a tough one on everyone, but for us dogs too. 2020 started off with those nasty fireworks and our owners trudging off to work in the cold winter months. But then spring came, the leaves started blooming and something happened…our owners started to […]

Pumpkin Coconut Cookies

Gluten Free

There is a flavor combination I have come to love during the fall season–pumpkin and coconut. These pumpkin coconut cookies are delicious. They taste amazing. And the flavor combination must be tried. Once you’ve tried these cookies and decide they are equally as amazing I know you will absolutely want to branch out and continue […]

Two Years

Two years has come and gone and it seems like it has been so quick but in other ways it seems like time has just inched by. It seems crazy that two years have gone by since my children’s father passed away but time likes to remind us of the moments it’s unfairly robbed of […]

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