Beef and Broccoli In Under Thirty!

Chinese food is one of my favorites but there are a few things that are hard to make or eat when

C’s School Project: Four Ingredient Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

It’s kind of tough having to give up your kitchen to the kids. Mainly because you’ll have to give in to the MESS that will ensue. My youngest had an assignment to make some cookies. I’ve learned now that she’s my third. Each of my two older kids took foods class and my kitchen was […]

Camping Mini Pizzas

This weekend we had the chance to get away for Memorial Day. It was refreshing to feel a little human again and like life is returning back to some normalcy. We took our side by side out and even stayed in a train car. We took our camping stove and made some good camping food. […]

Balsamic Steak and Bleu Cheese Salad

This weekend we were headed off to my moms house for the weekend when she called us a day before to let us know that someone in her office had come down with coronavirus. We kept debating on going down but at the last minute decided it was probably best to not. We were able […]

Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Party Idea

This year is a milestone birthday year for my husband and I. And I DO NOT like celebrating milestone birthday years with “over the hill” balloons and other equally tear invoking decorations. I wanted my husband’s birthday to be fun and allow him to enjoy the day. a Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Party was the […]

Allergy Friendly Arby’s Beef n’ Cheddar

I hope that all of the women out there are enjoying a very special and happy mother’s day. Our family is grateful for the many women in our lives throughout the years and now. So many women in so many positions have been so pivotal in our lives and we are grateful for you. Today […]

Easy Copycat Italian Cheese Bread Recipe

Consistently year after year our original copycat Little Caesar’s Italian cheese bread recipe is one of our websites most popular. It’s also one of the original recipes for which we’ve seen lot’s of websites try to replicate from since. We’ve actually had a former employee write in and comment on our recipe and let us […]

COVID-19 Field Trips For Getting Out or Staying In! Engage Your Kids and Teens!

COVID-19 hasn’t slowed our family down. It’s definetely made us try some new and unique things, but it hasn’t slowed us down. Especially the trips to and from the refrigerator. Ugh! I’ve declared a war on that. One of the things the kids are getting is very b-o-r-e-d. It was hard to motivate them to […]

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