The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide 2018!! Babies-Teens!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year because it is the ONLY time of year that I will actually shop and enjoy it. Most of my shopping starts in October but I am usually finished shopping and ready to enjoy the holiday season by December 1st. And most of my shopping is done online […]

Date Night Apple Cider Cake

This delicious date night apple cider cake is the PERFECT gift for friends and family this holiday season. It bakes easily in a pan or cook it in a take out container for a simple and easy gift.  Oh the wonderful child who volunteered me to do concession treats for her high school play. While […]

Apple Cider Caramel Snickerdoodles

It’s Thanksgiving and it’s time to bring in some fall flavors! If you’re looking to take a small break from everything pumpkin I highly suggest these amazing apple cider caramel snickerdoodles! All the wonderful flavors of fall in one easy to make cookie!  While I am NOT a pumpkin quitter and enjoy the plethera of […]

Allergy Friendly Halloween Candy List

‘Tis the season to start the holiday ten pound weight gain. I’m SO not excited! It’s the season that everywhere you turn people will be bringing cookies, treats and other sweets to eat. And if you have food allergies, it’s the season of nightmares trying to figure out what you can and can’t eat. (Ugh […]

Mood Boosting Foods For Fall and Winter

Eating healthy during the cold winter months can be a challenge. Comforting sweets and holidays make it difficult to want to pick up those carrot sticks. These mood boosting foods will help keep you healthy and in good spirits this season.  The leaves are starting to fall and one of my favorite (not favorite) seasons […]

Creamy White Chicken Chili Chowder + Grief Comes in Waves

Delicious creamy white chicken chili chowder will keep you warm on a cool fall night. This recipe makes one amazing pot of chili! This weekend I have to give credit to one amazing guy who made it completely possible that I didn’t fall asleep in my morning cereal. My oldest got a job at a […]

Funeral Stuffed Animals + Tips for Teens and Kids Going to a Viewing of a Loved One

Funeral stuffed animals can be a source of comfort and strength during a difficult passing away of a loved one, parent. child or friend. Plus, we added some tips for helping our own children go through the viewing of a loved one.  When my ex husband passed away, one of the things I worried most […]

Friday Night in the Cemetary

Most thirty somethings spend their Friday night with family. Some spend it with friends, going out, etc. I spent it sobbing in the cemetary. Two weeks ago I lost my ex husband. By all accounts after the three years I’ve had, most people might tell me to bring celebratory balloons to his graveside. But I […]

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