Slow Cooker Open Faced Turkey Breast Sandwich + Giveaway

slow cooker turkey

Slow Cooker open faced turkey breast sandwiches are an easy weeknight meal or simple game time sandwich.  Today I’m sharing one of my secrets. This is one of my easiest slow cooker recipes that I make over and over again and always get compliments on. It’s a tender turkey breast slow cooked all day than […]

Under an Hour Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon roll

There are only several occasions a year I make these under an hour cinnamon rolls in our house and I can tell you they don’t last and they are big time business in our house since they are such special treats. Over the years I’ve learned that my family hates waiting for food in the […]

White Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

white chocolate pumpkin cake

Alright carboholics. I promised you something good today, and I’m delivering! This white chocolate pumpkin cake has white chocolate chips sprinkled throughout an  incredibly moist pumpkin cake, and then gets topped in a hint of cinnamon white chocolate glaze. Drool now, drool later but definetely make this. I’ve lightened up so you only have to […]

“We’d Expect to See This…”–Diabetes Complications are Knocking

diabetic retinopathy

In a couple of years phrases like “we’re surprised we aren’t seeing more complications” have been replaced with “we’d expect to see this with how long you’ve had diabetes” after a few minor diabetes complications and hiccups. How does one go from being an anomaly to average?  What does diabetes look like after thirty years? For us […]

Apple Cinnamon High Protein Muffins

high protein apple cinnamon muffins

As a continuing to recover carbaholic (and still failing miserably some days) I know that I’ve talked about my adding in more protein during the day as one of the ways that I lost weight. I try to start my day off with a high protein breakfast to help combat carb cravings during the day. If […]

Fresh Berry Focaccia

fresh berry foccacia

A delicious fresh berry focaccia made with summer’s finest berries and topped with a generous streusel layer. The perfect bread for enjoying the best of summer’s fruits.  September is awkward. Awkward. Going back to school with new kids and new teachers in your class (or a new school entirely!) Awkward. The weather not knowing if it should stay summery […]

Mexican Hot Chocolate Wedding Cake

mexican wedding cake

I crave Mexican food at least once or twice a week. I love experimenting with the different spices and flavors. Mexican desserts? I’m a little stale. I love our mexican hot chocolate cookies, tres leches cake and fried ice cream. But beyond that I haven’t done much experimenting. I wanted to try a mexican dessert […]

Gluten Free Personal Pan Pizza

gluten free personal pan pizza

A delicious recipe for a gluten free pizza crust that makes a gluten free personal pan pizza–just like the ones you would enjoy from Pizza Hut and other pizza stores!! At my son’s birthday party this year, one of his friends had a gluten allergy. My son and this friend hit it off the minute they […]

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