Texas Sheet Cake Brownies (+Dairy Free Gluten Free Substitutions)

Watch out! This Texas sheet cake recipe with dairy free and gluten free substitutions will be DEVOURED! Verified by the students of my daughter’s local high school who didn’t even leave a crumb behind.  When I made this recipe I did not think that it would be devoured like it was. I’m really glad I […]

Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine’s Day in our house, the tradition is for the kids to wake up to a treat. This year they woke up to a stuffed animal and small box of chocolates. i used to do the cute little pancakes and themed meals for the day but then i worried i was becoming too much of […]

Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup + Surgery for This One

Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup is creamy, delicious and perfect for the winter months!  I wasn’t a fan of my Instant Pot initially. I didn’t grasp the concept of it. But I made this Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup for the kids the other day and now I’m a fan. It’s […]

Naturally Sweetened Homemade Chocolates + A Boy’s Life

Delicious naturally sweetened homemade chocolates are made dairy free with Enjoy Life chocolate!  Welcome to our house. This is the scene every afternoon at our house. I’ve learned to have a lot of snacks ready, because these boys like to eat when they get home from school. And when I kick them off the video […]

Easy LOL Surprise Doll Birthday Cake +Superbowl Recap

This easy LOL surprise doll birthday cake is a beautiful but simple way to make your child’s birthday special! This weekend was the Superbowl and a birthday. My daughter was so excited to surprise her friend with an LOL surprise doll party. Being in school, I wanted to minimize the amount of time that I […]

Instant Pot Turkey Chili + Cookie Dough For Kids Lunch?

Just starting out using the Instant Pot? Try this delicious Instant Pot Turkey Chili!! Great flavor and done in about 30 minutes!  This week has continued to be a whirlwind of emotions as we have continued to be a roller coaster with our feelings. Hard times come to every family and we appreciate everyone who […]

Honey Garlic Parmesan Chicken Drummettes + Hurray for Protein Mac n’ Cheese!

Honey garlic parmesan chicken drummettes are perfect for the big game and a family friendly favorite! In years past we’ve highlighted some yummy wing recipes. This year though, we are going with some delicious honey garlic parmesan chicken drummettes! L-R: Smoky Maple Drumsticks, Spicy Ranch BBQ Wings, Wicked Hot Wings, Wingers Sticky Fingers One of […]

Clearing My Head

Last Sunday I just needed to get out and clear my head a little before the long week ahead. “Clearing my head” usually involves some sort of physical torture in which I put myself through a long workout or a long run or walk in which by the end I’m so physically fatigued and have […]

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