Marvel Universe LIVE!

marvel universe live

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marvel Universe LIVE! All opinions are my own and don’t worry kids, no heroes were harmed in the writing of this post.  Monday through Thursday my son becomes the only guy in the house while Dad flies off to various spots along the west coast […]

Chicken and Rice Queso Soup

chicken and rice queso soup

My poor cousin. Stuck back east where the weather has just been frigid. I don’t envy her. And I hope she doesn’t share her frigid winter weather with me. Because to me, this has been the perfect winter ever. Never has it been warm enough that I didn’t have to wear so many layers, headbands, beanies […]

Favorite Three Year Old Quote

child spanking parent

I am grateful for three year old’s today. Presently mine is causing me a lot of grief. She has quite the interesting vocabulary. So on this Friday enjoy one of our favorite three year old quotes of the week. And feel free to share yours. “Why did you spank me?” “I didn’t Mom. I gave […]

Backside Workouts for Runners

backside workout for runners

One of the things that I am quickly learning after hitting a certain amount of mileage every week is that weight and strength training has become necessary as I’ve battled a few inconvience injuries. What are those? They are the injuries that never seem to sideline you–or they might for a few days or a […]

White Whole Wheat Flour Banana Bread

white whole wheat flour banana bread

Sunday mornings we always serve a nicer breakfast (well, nicer than a bowl of cereal). My Dad used to wake up early Sunday morning and make us a wonderful hot breakfast when we were kids. The smell would drag a tired teenage bum out of bed. I make a loaf of bread. I hope that […]

Sweet Potato Crepes

sweet potato crepes

Getting kids to eat healthy can be a challenge. Today as part of the Secret Recipe Club I’m surprising Shirley of Enriching Your Kids by sharing one of her recipes. Shirley struggles to get her kids to eat healthy. Shirley also manages another blog that talks about moral development in kids. (Since I’m kind of […]

Homemade Sleeping Diaper Babies

diaper baby

‘Tis the season for babies to begin arriving. While searching for ideas for baby showers, we came across this cute idea for making homemade sleeping diaper babies. These adorable “babies” looked so hard to make but were actually incredibly easy. We were done and ready for the baby shower in 20 minutes! Our friend is […]

Disney Imagicademy

disney imagicademy

I’ve got a three year old. Yes, she is a little bundle of joy most of the time. Every afternoon we rush home from preschool and cuddle on the couch to catch the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that we missed while she was away at school. We are currently (desperately!!!) trying to potty train her […]

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