Honey Sweetened Brownies + Climbing Fences

These honey sweetened brownies are delicious with a sprinkling of chocolate chips, nuts or a scoop of ice cream on top!  This weekend I made the mistake of going to the store hungry. Is anyone else shocked by the snacks they are making “protein packed” now. Rice krispy treats, really?? I bought them because I […]

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies + 38 Candles

These simple and easy peanut butter pudding cookies are delicious and full of peanut butter goodness!! 38 candles. In a cupcake. I didn’t EVER think we could get this old. I remember making fun of my parents when they were in their late 30’s. And now karma is here and alive and kicking me in […]

My Nephew with Autism + Stewie Boom

Help children understand the unique preferences that some children with autism experience with Stewie BOOM! and Princess Penelope.  I was really excited to talk about autism today. One because my cute nephew was just diagnosed this past year with autism. And I also work with many children who have autism. I love that every child […]

Chipotle Cilantro Lime Rice + Alpacas For the Win

Fifteen hours in a car. Dinner time. And my seven year old is CRAVING beans and rice?? Cue a trip to Chipotle for Chipotle cilantro lime rice and beans. She loved it so much she has it all the time at home. With a side of alpacas for the win.  It was one of the […]

Family Friendly Things to Do in Mesquite, Nevada

Today we’re talking family friendly things to do in Mesquite, Nevada. Before I stayed with my mom, I made sure to check out some things that we could do to keep us busy before we went down and Valley of Fire was one of them. But I found that there were a lot of other […]

Cookies N’ Cream Cookies

Cookies n’ cream cookies are delicious and can be easily adapted for different allergy types. We even included adaptations for making gluten free cookies n’ cream cookies!  These are by far one of my favorite cookies. The kids loved them, and then I turned around and made them for myself too. Gluten free cookies don’t […]

Dairy Free Dole Whip

A traditional dairy free Dole Whip can be made traditional or with the addition of this delicious ingredient.  It is slightly puzzling to me how in the world it goes from 75 degrees to 45 degrees in a day. My poor body does not know how to handle this. Today I was CRAVING a dairy […]

Spring Break Hiking Valley of Fire While Blenderizing

Thought about hiking Valley of Fire with your family? Nice easy hikes, petroglyphs and slot canyons make Valley of Fire fun and enjoyable family hiking! PS…if you are looking for some easy allergy friendly hiking snacks, check this out! Several months ago my Mom decided to make the move and buy her own place. I’ve […]

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