Baked Mac n’ Cheese Casserole–Perfect for The Superbowl!!

The Superbowl is around the corner and one of our favorite meals is our copycat Cheesecake Factory mac n’ cheese balls! They are easy to make as finger foods to enjoy but take a little more prep time than I have sometimes. My secret to making it the past few years has been to make […]

Allie’s Dog DNA Reveal Party

Allie became a permanent fixture in our home when my ex husband passed away. The kids told me that Allie was a havapoo–a combination of havenese and poodle. But Allie doesn’t really look like a havapoo. She has a much longer body and she looks more like a weinerpoo or chihuahuapoo. I had been talking […]

Japanese Tamago, Gohan, Chōmiryō Dish

This Tamago, Gohan, Chōmiryō Dish recipe is a sponsored collaboration with Mizkan and the Forward Influence Network. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. This Tamago, Gohan, Chōmiryō Dish recipe which features Mizkan Natural Rice Vinegar and Mizkan Mirin brings back to many childhood memories. Growing up, my best friend’s mom could be found […]

One Pot Chicken Fettucine Alfredo + Allergy Friendly Options

January is always kind of a blah month. Christmas is over, it’s back to school and work and the kids spend 90% of the month sick and sniffling. I usually CANNOT wait for the month to be over. Time is always a tough one too in January. Where I live this past week has hit […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: The One About the Old Farts Wedding

I am FINALLY getting around to posting about our wedding. We decided to get married around Christmas. It was a crazy time to get married. Four kids between us, Christmas to pay for and myself and the children to get moved. I enjoy being crazily busy. When we thought of our vision of what we […]

Garlic Rosemary Sheet Pan Dinner and Baked Potatoes

2020 is roaring in and I can’t believe we are half way through the month. Hopefully you have not abandoned any hope of finishing your New Year’s Resolutions. I actually aimed small this year. I didn’t even want to set any resolutions. Every goal I set that I’ve done well with was never started in […]

Christmas 2019 + You HAVE to Have This in Your Bathroom

Christmas 2019 is in the books. My house is still decorated in Christmas and because December went by in a blur I’m refusing to allow Christmas to come down until the end of January. Last night we even broke out the gingerbread cookies. It was a different type of Christmas as it blended two families […]

2020’s TOP Healthy and Unhealthy Diets and Are They FODMAP Friendly?

Every year the worst and best diets are ranked based on effectiveness for weight loss, healthfulness, safety and other important factors in diet ease and use. But most of you on a FODMAP friendly diet are already suffering from conditions like colitis, IBS or other stomach issues. So you follow the FODMAP diet. It essentially […]

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