Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

chocolate peanut butter muffins

Kids will love these delicious chocolate peanut butter cupcakes–perfect for school lunches and made with better ingredients¬† It’s back to school time. And I really really really don’t think much about school starting until after Labor Day. Because back in MY day, school didn’t start until after Labor Day. But, I know that for myself […]

Wicked *HOT* Hot Wings and Drummettes

hot wings

Today is a really fun day. Tailgating recipes are a favorite of our family, mainly because we LOVE football season. Football season is an excuse to break out the grill in the middle of freezing cold weather. It’s an excuse to not have to pack away all the summer coolers and chairs in storage. And […]

3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies *Food Allergy Friendly*

cake mix cookies

Growing up, having a dad with food allergies meant that we were all on board for Dad’s allergy. For years my parents passed off carob as chocolate. (Note to Mom and Dad: Um, NO! it was NOT chocolate). These chocolate cake mix cookies are food allergy friendly and only use 3 ingredients!! 3!! You can […]

Soccer Game Day Dip

soccer dip

Soccer game day dip is a simple and easy meal that takes only five minutes to make and pairs great with your favorite chip!¬† Soccer season has officially started in our house. Nights are spent running to games, practices and pretty much all over town. Add in school, choir, band, taekwondo and dance and the […]

Yogurt and Herb Chicken

yogurt and herb chicken

A delicious meal perfect for Sunday dinner or a healthy weeknight meal. You’ll love this delicious cheesy yogurt and herb chicken! While the website might have seemed to be quiet these past couple of weeks, behind the scenes it has been anything but quiet. Life has been up and down with crazy twists, turns, challenges […]

Cinnamon Bun Cake in a Mug **Great Recipe for Food Allergies**

allergy friendly cinnamon bun cake

Delicious cinnamon bun cake in a mug takes under five minutes to make and tastes amazing! Better yet, this recipe can easily be adapted as a gluten free, paleo, vegan or FODMAP friendly dessert recipe! You know those days that you just want to get home from work, slide off your shoes and park yourself […]

Summer Time Fun!!


T’s birthday was this past week and it was a milestone for him. He is sooo excited to leave the single digit birthdays behind. Let’s face it though, all of us would now KILL for single digit birthdays. To be a kid again, if only for a few minutes. Today you can. It was an […]

5 Simple Tips For Starting Your Food Blog

burnt apple

When I started this website several years ago, it was for simple reasons. My husband’s family has a lot of recipes that are unique to them. We have family recipes for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and Easter. I also struggled with cooking early on in our marriage and as time went on and I tried recipes […]

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