Parmesan Alfredo with Zucchini Noodles + A Pint Night Cemetary

Parmsean alfredo with zucchini noodles is the perfect summertime meal! Plus, we included a FODMAP friendly version and even found a FODMAP friendly substitute for garlic! Last night (and yesterday in general) were rough. My youngest and I went to her Dad’s grave and left him a present for Father’s Day and cleaned up his […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Top 3 Most Influential Men

This Father’s Day is going to be rough. Really rough. I know that I’ll be in PJ’s most of the day and probably at some point and time during the day we will break out the pints for the kids. (I mean THESE types of pints). Father’s Day is tough for me. My Dad was […]

Easy Sweet And Sour Chicken

Since its my youngest birthday this week we are celebrating her! This week we are making one of her favorite meals…sweet and sour chicken! Since she was young she has had the most bizarre eating habits. She goes on eating kicks. Remember the time I wrote about all she would eat was chocolate chip pancakes? […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: The One About Alphabetical Donuts

National Donut Day deserves it’s own day. Donuts are just that good. Here is our A-Z Guide to get you through National Donut Day. We made sure that we made them a little healthier by including varieties you can bake in the oven to save you calories! A: Apple Cider Donut ( B: Banana Bread […]

Overnight Creme Brulee French Toast + Why It’s Important to Open Your House to Teenagers

This overnight creme brulee french toast tastes absolutely amazing and feeds a crowd! Which is totally important because you’ll need to invite your kids friends over to eat this. We also included allergy friendly adaptations. Each week my daughter and her friends get up early during the school year and participate in an activity. They […]

How to Get FREE Money Testing Driving Cars with Your Teenager

It was inevitable that I would have a 16 year old. I dreaded the day. DREADED. I also thought her first car would be in the bag. No worries. Her dad was a car guy. He had a car bought for her before he passed away but he never had the chance to dive into […]

Easy Spanish Rice Meal–Done in Under 30 Minutes!

It definetely feels good to be feeling a little more normal again. We’ve had a period of rain lately and that’s probably been a good thing to slow me down a little as I get back to feeling better. I’m one that starts to feel better and wants to catch up on everything I should […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Signs Your Dog is Annoyed at You

Written by: The Family Dog There was an article on a website entitled “7 Signs Your Dog Might Be Annoyed With You.” It basically went on to debunk the myth that dogs can get annoyed at you but I am here to say that there is a certain dog (me) who shall remain nameless that […]

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