Creamy White Chicken Chili Chowder + Grief Comes in Waves

Delicious creamy white chicken chili chowder will keep you warm on a cool fall night. This recipe makes one amazing pot of chili! This weekend I have to give credit to one amazing guy who made it completely possible that I didn’t fall asleep in my morning cereal. My oldest got a job at a […]

Funeral Stuffed Animals + Tips for Teens and Kids Going to a Viewing of a Loved One

Funeral stuffed animals can be a source of comfort and strength during a difficult passing away of a loved one, parent. child or friend. Plus, we added some tips for helping our own children go through the viewing of a loved one.  When my ex husband passed away, one of the things I worried most […]

Friday Night in the Cemetary

Most thirty somethings spend their Friday night with family. Some spend it with friends, going out, etc. I spent it sobbing in the cemetary. Two weeks ago I lost my ex husband. By all accounts after the three years I’ve had, most people might tell me to bring celebratory balloons to his graveside. But I […]

Four Gifts for the Amateur Chef in Your Life

After a recent Instagram post, so many of you have asked how I am feeling and doing. I can’t even talk about it right now. I’ll usually respond with “loaded question.” I’m feeling like I can’t even begin to put how I’m feeling into emotions, but I will sometime. Someday. When I can. I’m grateful […]

Pumpkin Chicken Chowder

The air has finally started to cool off a bit and the mornings have a snap to them. It’s time to bring out the soups. This delicious pumpkin chicken chowder has a very subtle hint of pumpkin and a traditional chowder.  It’s PUMPKIN SEASON!!! I know that I posted about my committment to pumpkin, not […]

Cornbread and Chili Waffles

With school back in session it’s time cook again for the kids. With limited time that can be so hard to do! These cornbread and chili waffles are a simple and easy dinner to make and takes just under 20 minutes to get to the table!  I always feel more pressure to feed the kids […]

Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe + Baked Cookie Delivery Service Recipe

There’s a new bakery in town that delivers hot chocolate chip cookies straight to your door. Now you can make your own Crumbl cookies with this Crumbl chocolate chip cookie recipe + bonus gluten and/or dairy free Crumbl cookie recipe! Cookie delivery services are popping up all over and now you can make your own […]

White Chocolate Pumpkin Rice Krispies

It’s pumpkin season!!!! Time to break out your pot because it’s time to start the season off with these white chocolate pumpkin rice krispies! It always starts with our local Kneaders Bakery advertising a countdown to pumpkin bread. I get a little excited watching the countdown, knowing that once the sign changes to “it’s here!!” […]

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