Easy Spanish Rice Meal–Done in Under 30 Minutes!

It definetely feels good to be feeling a little more normal again. We’ve had a period of rain lately and that’s probably been a good thing to slow me down a little as I get back to feeling better. I’m one that starts to feel better and wants to catch up on everything I should […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Signs Your Dog is Annoyed at You

Written by: The Family Dog There was an article on a website entitled “7 Signs Your Dog Might Be Annoyed With You.” It basically went on to debunk the myth that dogs can get annoyed at you but I am here to say that there is a certain dog (me) who shall remain nameless that […]

Tuscan Chicken Pasta Salad + FODMAP Version

This Tuscan chicken pasta salad was absolutely delicious! This was also a simple and easy meal to make FODMAP friendly for me too! It’s almost summer! I can feel it! I had to turn the air conditioner on and it’s not working. Gotta get that repaired. I get to water the grass twice a day […]

Colitis ER Visit Butt Kicker This Weekend + IV Vitamin Therapy for IBS and Colitis Flare Ups?

What are your thoughts and opinions on IV Vitamin Therapy for IBS and colitis? Do they help? Would you recommend those over a visit to the emergency room for hydration and medications? I was diagnosed about four years ago with microscopic non ulcerative colitis. It’s a mouthful. I had been sick since I was a […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: The Things I Didn’t Know About Addison’s Disease That I Wish I Had

When I met my then husband he had been diagnosed with Addison’s disease a year prior to me meeting him. I was familiar with Type 1 diabetes, but I wasn’t with Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease was a whole new ball game. Addison’s disease is considered a rare disease but I’m meeting more and more people […]

Natural and Organic High Protein Clear Liquid Diet Options for Colonoscopy or Surgery

Natural and organic high protein clear liquid diet options are perfect for colonscopy and surgery procedures. See our full list of natural and organic clear liquid diet options here. History is repeating itself this week and my poor son is now going in for his own procedure to see why he’s struggled with stomach issues […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: The New Reason Behind Suicide

Since I was in my teen years, studying the brain has always been my thing. I worked in my teen years at a long term care center that housed pediatric patients. Some had suffered brain injuries. It was so interesting to watch the brain try to adapt from a traumatic injury and how the brain […]

What Every Mom REALLY Wants For Mother’s Day

I think when the kids were young and I stayed home with them, I worked so much harder than I do now. But now that they’re older and I work outside the home, I think I’m working so much harder now than I did when they were little. The type of work changes over the […]

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