Apple Toffee Cookies

It can be really hard to stop myself from eating pumpkin this time of year. I sometimes forget that apples, peaches and other delicious fruits are also in season. Today, I’m giving a nod to the apple tree that sits outside my window–the one and only apple tree that I haven’t killed with my black? […]

Wicked White Chicken Chili + Trim Mama Cookbook Giveaway!

The weather is cooling down and the recipes begin to heat up. I find this time of year that simple slow cooker meals are the way to go. This slow cooker wicked white chicken chili from the Trim  Healthy Mama Cookbook tastes great when topped with some tortilla strips and cheese. And best of all, […]

Pumpkin Coconut Loaf

What kind of a week would it be without starting it off with a little pumpkin? Only this time, my sweet tooth decided to go a little healthy and I made this healthier pumpkin coconut loaf. It was absolutely amazing and was nice to enjoy after a hectic week. Last week started with a quick […]

An AMAZING Way to Get Your Greens In…

It can be difficult to get your required amount of veggies everyday. And don’t even start on the battle faced everyday getting those little ones to eat their greens. Since most of my day is spent on the go running from one place to the next I need a simple and easy solution for getting […]

Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Bars

Pumpkin dulce de leche bars might possibly become the most wonderful dessert combination you’ve ever experienced. Your welcome. It’s pumpkin season. I know this because on a recent trip to Costco I asked my daughter to get a pack of pumpkin. Instead of the three pack of the extra large industrial sized pumpkin I usually […]

Bacon Sweet Potato Chili

Bacon sweet potato chili is a delicious meal for the transition months from summer to fall.  Gardening has never been my “thing.” I’ve probably spent more money trying to plant a garden than actually having a garden that yields close to anything. My husband is a business guy and every year that I try to plant […]

Snickerdoodle Skillet Cake (+GF, Dairy Free Version)

Fall is in the air and just around the corner and today I just couln’t help it. The itch to turn on the oven and bake just overcame me. Suddenly the oven was on and this snickerdoodle skillet cake was in the oven. It was amazing how that worked. Snickerdoodle actually isn’t my favorite flavor […]

Crispy, Cinnamon Raisin French Toast

Sometimes you just gotta be a little bad. This amazing crispy cinnamon raisin french toast has it all. Crispy outer edges melt into a rich cinnamon ribbon of flavor in your mouth with an added pop of sweetness from the raisins. It’s amazing. When I served this I heard a lot of mmm’s. Mmm’s are […]

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