The BEST Coconut Sugar Brownies! {+ Gluten Free Version}

coconut sugar brownies

Using coconut sugar in desserts can be a great alternative in your baking. If you’re on the road to using sweeteners like coconut sugar, than definetely try this recipe for coconut sugar brownies! The brownies are delicious and come out tasting gooey and rich just like a brownie should. If you’re new to baking with […]

Crockpot Maple Dijon Chicken and Rice {Gluten Free, FODMAP}

crockpot chicken

I know that I’ve openly expressed my pain and disdain at cooking multiple meals the past few weeks. I won’t rehash old wounds. Instead, I’m sharing something positive–a meal that EVERYONE can love and EAT that tastes GREAT!! I added all the big caps locked words for emphasis that my life has finally changed in […]

Could the Heat Be Killing Your Appetite? Weight Loss in the Summer

summer heat

If you’ve got a job that keeps you outdoors in the summer, trying to keep weight on in the summer can be difficult. Weight loss in the summer can be a real problem for those who work on a daily basis in the heat or participate in extreme sports in the summer. My husband worked […]

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

frozen hot chocolate

It’s only June and it’s been in the 100’s already. With our house up for sale and multiple showings a day it get’s exhausting to have the kids keep the house clean all the time. Okay, it’s impossible. Cooling off in the backyard at night with a cool drink while lounging on the patio furniture […]

Diabetes and Marriage. Defining “In Sickness and in Health” and When Is It OK to Say You’re Done?

diabetes and marriage problems

Diabetes and marriage or dealing with a chronic illness and marriage can bring some extremely tough situations and issues. What does it mean by “in sickness and in health” in your marital vows and is there a time that you are justified for saying ‘I’ve had enough! I’m done!’¬† When my Dad was in his […]

FODMAP Diet Week 5: “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Pout If I Want To!”

happy birthday

This week is my birthday. It’s also my husband’s birthday and my daughter’s birthday this week and the cake and ice cream flow! Except for me. I am not enjoying this week at all. In fact I almost tackled a woman who stood by me with a greasy, cheesy Little Caesar’s pizza. I don’t even […]

Coconut Sugar Desserts

coconut sugar

Baking with coconut sugar has exploded. As more and more information has developed on the effects white sugar is having on our bodies, it’s been interesting to see recipes using coconut sugar popping up everywhere. I get many questions every week from people using coconut sugar in various recipes. Today I’m compiling our favorites coconut […]

Following the FODMAP Diet: Weeks 1-4

fodmap diet

Since October of last year, I have¬†really struggled. In January my stomach felt so bad that I was taken in for a colonoscopy. I was having horrible stomach aches and spasms and would feel like my stomach was on fire after eating. Sometimes just eating a sandwich would feel like the equivalent of eating a […]

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