Winter Sparkling Cider Bar–Perfect Mocktails for Winter Weddings, Parties and Events!

Winter brings events with lot’s of hot cocoa bars. You see ideas for them everywhere on Pinterest and I almost went for the same for our winter wedding. But then I stumbled across an article for a mocktail bar. I loved the idea but wanted to simplify it to keep costs down a little and […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Grab the Popcorn or the Kleenex? What to Do When Your Reputation is Being Hurt by Rumors or Lies

Words are powerful. They can stick with us long after they are spoken. They can hurt long after they are said. Rumors and lies can be some of the worst as many times they hold no truth or have little bits of truth sprinkled in with untruths. Whether true or not they can spread like […]

Natural Eucalyptus Ornaments

I love Christmas and this year will be a special one. Since we have a new tree, these beautiful natural eucalyptus ornaments are simple and easy to make but look amazing on any tree. They look gorgeous and can be made for your tree, winter wedding favors or holiday neighbor gifts. If you are looking […]

Change Can Be Difficult But It Can Be Wonderful Too–If You Allow It Too

I’ve largely kept a lot of my private life off of this blog even though there is a lot that might be helpful to share. I think it’s been out of protection, for the kids and myself. To have everything you’ve known and loved ripped out from underneath you definitely caused me to hold more […]

Beanless Beef Queso Dip

Most people would wonder why on turkey week I’m posting a beanless beef queso dip. Well…because. Leading up to and after turkey day are a plethora of football and basketball games that require some dip and chips. This recipe is sure to satisfy. This has by far been one of the busiest few weeks and […]

Pumpkin Dump Cake With Easy Allergy Substitutions Included!

My life is currently in a kerfunkle and pumpkin dump cake is coming to the rescue! I’ve been trying to teach the teenagers I hear swear down the hall at my school (why do junior high kids think the “f” word is like a rite of passage?) to stop by setting an example and using […]

Apple Cider Ginger Doodle Cookies

Try our latest fall cookie creation, apple cider ginger doodles! It’s apple cider mingling with a gingersnap and a snickerdoodle! These cookies boast 100% real ingredients and NO apple cider packets. I have a problem. I’m often thinking up new cookie and dessert creations. Apple cider combinations are definetely one of my favorite fall combinations. […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: 20 Recipes You Can Make From Your Garden Surplus!

Gardening is a huge thing in Utah. I can’t grow anything. I’ve tried, for years…consulted with neighbors and read tips. Nothing but a few things ever grow. This year we got one squash but our neighbors were nice and donated a lot of their garden to us including a zucchini and lot’s of tomatoes. We […]

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