Pumpkin Dump Cake With Easy Allergy Substitutions Included!

My life is currently in a kerfunkle and pumpkin dump cake is coming to the rescue! I’ve been trying to teach the teenagers I hear swear down the hall at my school (why do junior high kids think the “f” word is like a rite of passage?) to stop by setting an example and using […]

Apple Cider Ginger Doodle Cookies

Try our latest fall cookie creation, apple cider ginger doodles! It’s apple cider mingling with a gingersnap and a snickerdoodle! These cookies boast 100% real ingredients and NO apple cider packets. I have a problem. I’m often thinking up new cookie and dessert creations. Apple cider combinations are definetely one of my favorite fall combinations. […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: 20 Recipes You Can Make From Your Garden Surplus!

Gardening is a huge thing in Utah. I can’t grow anything. I’ve tried, for years…consulted with neighbors and read tips. Nothing but a few things ever grow. This year we got one squash but our neighbors were nice and donated a lot of their garden to us including a zucchini and lot’s of tomatoes. We […]

EASY Monster Eye Halloween Cake Mix Cookies

Halloween is THIS week but it kind of snuck up on me. I really wasn’t ready for it. There is so much going on and so much to do from now until Christmas that my to do list is overflowing and so are my stress levels. So any way that I can make a class […]

Thursday’s Thoughts: Building a Catio

Catio. I had NEVER heard that word until I visited my mom this past weekend. And then my fingers experienced exactly how to build a catio while trying to cut through my fish dinner that night. Of course, my mother labeled it as a couple of hour at the most project that turned into an […]

Freezer Salsa + When Your Parent Crushes On Their Idol

This weekend was very busy. We drove down to my Mom’s house to help celebrate her birthday and ended up building a catio. (Yes, more to come on THAT later. Still a wee bit hating the catio since my hands hurt from bending chicken wire). Right before we left we had to tear out the […]

Chicken Parmesan Sheet Pan Dinner + Dog Takeover

I know that my love for sheet pan dinners is probably bordering OCD. But for me, they are so simply and easy to make and this chicken parmesan sheet pan dinner is no exception. It’s so simple in the fall and winter to turn on the oven and then get back to work helping kids, […]

Meatballs, Brown Gravy and Rice Sheetpan Dinner

Delicious sheetpan dinner makes weeknight cooking a breeze! This meatballs, brown gravy and rice dinner will become a family favorite! This weekend was a busy one. Family came into town, wrinkles were thrown into the schedule and life just got crazy. This simple and easy weeknight dinner came to the rescue. My kids since they […]

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