Family Fall Fun {Photo Edition}

It’s Thanksgiving weekend!

Have you done any shopping? I’ll admit I’m actually not a big Black Friday shopper. I love seeing how inexpensive things get and I LOVE pouring over the sale ads, but I’m lazy and don’t want to go to the store and stand in long lines. So I opt for internet shopping or paying the few extra dollars for shorter lines.

I know that it can get stressful during the holidays so today we’re taking a time out and sharing some of our favorites from the last few months.

We had a great fall where we live. We had some rainy weather. It made for lot’s of fun with umbrellas and learning to skateboard in the rain while taking a selfie? There really are some things you can’t explain as a parent. That one’s going on the list.

umbrella in the rain


The weather warmed up and the leaves started to turn colors. My husband and I snuck in a trip to San Francisco during the World Series. I also took my son for a bike ride up the canyon. He was a trooper and had a great time! We also snuck in a trip to the pumpkin patch with my cute nephew. We found if you stick him IN the pumpkins he doesn’t want to escape. We were all a little tired of chasing him around. He’s at that fun age where they just run.

harvest fun

And then winter came in and pooped on us. A winter chill so mean and cold. Overnight we grabbed winter coats out of their hiding spots and bundled up as we faced the cold. Watching my three year old enjoy the snowflakes falling for the first time this season was enjoyable–especially since we were in the warm car! Of course her hat went to the dog because she didn’t want her dog to be cold while she went outside to do her business. I tried to get some cold weather runs in, but I maxed out at 5-7 miles. My body wasn’t adjusted at all to the cold and I struggled big time! A big bowl of soup at the end made it all worth it.

wintertime fun


We hope you and your family enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving. See you on Monday!



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