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You’ve seen me post a lot more allergy friendly recipes lately. Why? I’ll share that story in a few weeks but I have been working on a few recipes for my sister in law who’s been put on the AIP protocol(or Auto Immune Paleo Protocol) when her regular gluten free diet failed and some of her lab work came back in dangerously abnormal ranges.

I can empathize with my sister in law after going through my own recent struggle with doctors and not feeling well so we’ve been experimenting with recipes and found some that we enjoyed that fit her diet. We also found some great websites that have recipes that we’ve really enjoyed. We found them simply by searching the recipes that we were looking for–chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, lemon cookies and donuts. You know, all the dessert basics.

aip donuts

Strawberry Donuts

Against All Grain has some fabulous recipes that are absolutely delicious. Her strawberry donuts were no exception.

What we Liked: The strawberry flavor in every bite was just the right amount. The carob we drizzled on top helped give the donuts an elegant look. (We used carob in our recipe but you can use chocolate or Enjoy Life chips if you are able to). We used fresh strawberries in our recipe and omitted the freeze dried strawberries on top.

The Things we Didn’t Like: This is so minimal that we don’t even want to mention it, but the donuts did have a little bit of that “gluten free” taste to them. It was well masked by the chocolate and strawberry combination and that’s why these made it to the top of our list.

Image Source: Against All Grain. We were unable to snap a photo of our own before they got devoured.

aip chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Carrie of Deliciously Organic came up with these delicious Perfect Nut Free Dairy Free Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. And like my waffle recipe from Monday you might cringe and think it couldn’t be good but all of us girls were sneaking these cookies from my sister in law.

Things we Liked: These cookies had the look, texture and taste of traditional chocolate chip cookies which is something that becomes really important when you feel like you can’t eat what everyone else is eating. The look, taste and texture didn’t make you feel deprived. We also liked that they were made pretty similar to the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipes that are out there so they didn’t take a lot of thought to make or adapt.

Things we Didn’t Like: Using carob chips like we did made these really sweet–we enjoyed them a lot more with chocolate chips and Enjoy Life chips. You almost couldn’t tell they were grain and gluten free with the chocolate.

aip chocolate chip cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I went through chocolate chip cookie recipes, it was between this AIP Chewy “Chocolate Chunk recipe from Flame to Fork and the one above. Since I couldn’t decide and the recipe ingredients were so close, I made both. These cookies were really good!

Things I liked: These cookies had a really good “melt in your mouth” taste to them. They tasted really good and were enjoyed by my sister in law and I. They are the perfect texture and type of cookie to enjoy with coffee or “milk.” AIP diets have a lot of “” involved.

Things we Didn’t Like: These cookies were alittle more crumbly and were a little bit more work than traditional chocolate chip cookies but nothing too hard.We also opted to use storebought carob chips over the homemade recipe they included.

aip lemon cookies

aip lemon cookies

Lemon Cookies

Lemon, LEMON!! I am such a lover of lemon and I fell in love with these cookies at first sight when I saw the recipe for Lemon Cookies on He Won’t Know It’s Paleo. We also like that she includes a lot of traditional favorites on her website that are AIP friendly–ketchup, ranch dressing, etc.

What I Liked: These cookies looked like pretty cookies you would find and buy from a bakery. They had a soft lemon bar like texture and taste.

What we Didn’t Like: They weren’t as sweet as we expected and my sister in laws noticed a “gluten free” aftertaste. The grittiness. We thought they were really good and would’ve just made them a little sweeter. We are used to that sweet lemony buttery cookie taste.

aip shortbread cookies

aip shortbread recipe


Shortbread is the absolute classic cookie. When I came across these Shortbread Cookies from The Paleo Partridge we knew it was going to be love at first bite.

Things I Liked: These cookies looked like real shortbread cookies and tasted like it too! They are NOT traditional shortbread cookies but if you go in thinking they’ll be a good alternative for coffee dunking, they won’t disapoint.

Things We Didn’t Like: They aren’t shortbread, but they are close and taste really good. They do crumble easily and we had a hard time molding the cookies, rolling them, etc.

We hope this helps you on your journey to finding delicious replacements for your favorite recipes!









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