The Random Pictures From My Soon to Be RIP Samsung S7

The time is coming soon when I will need to send my phone to it’s final resting place. The phone has become a sore subject in the house as I have now taken over a year to decide what kind of phone I want to buy. I just can’t decide, I HATE going through the process of getting a new phone and I just don’t like change. Change is hard. 

My son actually pushed me into the phone store the other day and made me hold each phone I was debating between. And then he spent a lot of time pulling up research on each phone. “JUST DECIDE MOM!!!”

They are sick of calling me and the phone goes to voicemail or doesn’t pick up. Others are growing tired of their texts not going through. 

I’ve looked at all the different types of phones and still can’t decide. So I’m going to continue to think about it, but then my phone dropped on our last hike into a waterfall and while still working, it’s gotten worse. I have to restart my phone now once a day in order to get half of my messages. 

It’s time for a new phone. But in the meantime we will take a look at some of the randomness that seems to enter my phone:


Allie the alligator dog now imitates my stretches after a long run. What’s with  that light from the blinds on my face?


Chelsea has a problem. She likes to hoard her tennis balls from the little dog.

She then eats them and spreads tiny pieces all over the floor so the little dog can’t get them in her absence.

PS have you tried these for your dog? My dog loves these Zuke’s Power Bones for our hikes and long runs.

my nephew:

I’m so excited he can say more than “no” to me now. He has now officially gained a new title at our house: official taste tester for recipes. Here he is trying some grilled donuts for me. They got his stamp of approval. He can’t even hide his smile as he devours them.

And here he is enjoying the parade. His style. Later we got him smiling for the fireworks and the fast rides while we got his mom sick on them. Always fun at the fair!

the kiddos:

A trip to Sam’s club. My boyfriends daughter also got into the action later by climbing into the cart and pointing out all the workers to my son who would then try to get them to high five him from the bottom of the cart. We were just happy it wasn’t his previous activity which was taking my boyfriend’s daughters life sized bear and chasing the girls around my boyfriends apartment condo with it while they screamed. He would stop and say “there screaming is like music to my ears.”

Our neighbors have added some excitement to the neighborhood by adding an addition onto their home. My daughter and her friend enjoyed watching the roof get lowered onto the grass and then getting to “climb” the roof and help pull off shingles, paper and pull out nails with a hammer. They got to earn a little $$.

A nap is sometimes needed after a day of swimming and working.

My oldest got hit by a car while riding her bike to work. We spent the night in the Instacare and are grateful she only got bruises and a broken toe. We also had to teach her about bike safety again as she was riding on the wrong side of the road. We since found her her new (old) car.

We girls spent the afternoon at Lulu’s Crafty Corner. How cute is this place?

I made a bacon plate.

I think this is the craftiest I’ve ever been. I can’t wait to pick up the finished product next week!

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