A Gift From Dad and Mom for Father’s Day

Father’s Day will always be a little more bittersweet for me. I wonder if it will ever get easier, but when you loose a parent young it can be tough. It’s been five years since my Dad passed away and it seems like it’s only been a year or so. The pain has been lessening every year but it is still tough.

This year my Mom decided to get my sister and I an Ancestry DNA kit. It was fun because I got to share my results with my Mom this weekend. I told her I was a little disappointed. I was hoping for a little intrique in my DNA. Just to make my results interesting. But there wasn’t.

ancestry dna

The weekend was super busy. My mom came into town for my birthday and ended up sick. We brought her some soup and spent some time hanging out with my nephew with autism.

On Saturday, we took my dog to a fun indoor swimming pool. I’ve been wanting to try out this place but haven’t. I was supposed to make a hike with her in the morning but slept in until 11:00am! I’ve NEVER done that before. So swimming it was.

Here she is getting on her life jacket:

barleys rec center

She seriously has that look on her face like “WHAT are you doing to me?”

Then it was off to the pool area. She’s kindof checking out the other dogs to see what they were doing:

dog swimming pool

And then it was her turn. Since it was her first time she had to go out with an instructor. She got the hang of it after awhile and then like family tradition she took on her role in the family of graceful swan dives:

Okay, our family is NOT elegant when diving but that’s okay. She had a few other ones that were pretty funny too.

My mom felt good enough to go out to dinner Saturday night so we went out for a fun dinner at PF Changs. They are one of my favorite gluten free places to go. Anyone with a gluten allergy knows that when you go out to eat, you better love salads because salads are usually safe. Here there a number of delicious entrees to choose from. My vote is the Mongolian Beef and Ginger Chicken.

Sunday we went up to my boyfriend’s parents house. Kind of sad when your toy is bigger than your driving vehicle. (Sorry, I love making fun of the Prius. So sorry Prius drivers). We put some new mirrors on it for his Dad when he drives it. Of course we then had to take it out around town just to make sure it worked okay. And it has turbo so that’s fun too.

prius versus can am

And then it was home and the kids got home and there is a ton of laundry to do and the house is a mess again and I’m totally fine with it. it was fun to catch up on everything they did over the weekend and to hear all of their fun stories.

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