Allergy Friendly Halloween Candy List

‘Tis the season to start the holiday ten pound weight gain. I’m SO not excited! It’s the season that everywhere you turn people will be bringing cookies, treats and other sweets to eat. And if you have food allergies, it’s the season of nightmares trying to figure out what you can and can’t eat. (Ugh POTLUCKS!!) This helpful and friendly printable is great for those with food allergies needing a quick and simple reference sheet.

Potlucks, buffets, UGH!!

Having food allergies and the holiday season is kind of a nemesis for me. And most of you can agree. It always starts with Halloween.

Our Halloween is off to a fun start. My daughter got a job at the local haunted house so we like to go and visit her when we can. The back and forth trips are difficult though. It’s 40 minutes round trip to pick her up or drop her off.


Note I’m on the far right freezing while everyone else has short sleeved shirts on.

My youngest and I also hit a fun Pumpkin Palooza. Before we left she decided to do her own makeup since I was at an appointment. She nailed it. The blue glitter eyeshadow is awesome!

blue glitter eyeshadow

The girls had a great time and somehow my daughter came home with four pumpkins. I told her one for herself but she came home with one for everyone. We carved them over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend…

I decided to get a cold. But I listened to everyone. Some said to sweat it out. So I went to the canyon and ran it off. It didn’t work so I went to the gym and decided to work it out. That didn’t work. I decided to try to rest it out but that didn’t work either because no one will let me rest. I have taken every bit of immune boosting stuff you can take. I think it hasn’t made the cold too bad, it’s just made it so I’m in a constant state of being mildly miserable. It’s like a game of “I’m not touching you!!!” where the person drives you CRAZY!!! but never touches you but does everything possible to drive you insane. That’s what this cold feels like. I cough enough, but not enough to be completely miserable. I have a stuffy nose, but not enough that you can’t breath, just enough of a stuffy nose to be annoying.

im not touching you

I also got to watch my nephew this weekend. He’s now learning to tell us what he wants. He’s in kindergarten and is still non verbal but has a word book that he can use to tell me what he wants. The best part of the weekend was watching him go over to my son with his book and tell him, “I want Mater.” My son didn’t have Mater toys so they ended up watching YouTube videos of Mater’s Tall Tales. Mater NEVER gets old, especially for a 13 year old. They were so cute together. He loves my son and anytime we go out wants to hold his hand. I think he understands my son and is like “I get it, too many woman. Let’s hang.”

autism word book

I’m hoping that this coming weekend I will finally get a little break but we will see. In the meantime, the dreaded holiday of Halloween is coming up and it’s time to get ready. Here is a list of holiday treats you can eat if you have a gluten allergy. I keep this list nice and close so I can enjoy some treats the kids bring home for me. 🙂 This list is the worst though. It tells you how long it takes to work off those MINI treats and how much exercise it takes. 🙁

A special thanks to the Dental Care Blog for providing the infographic for us to use.


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