S’Mores Graham Cereal Squares

Today you are being introduced to our family’s favorite dessert. This dessert is addicting. Really addicting. It’s also a great dessert that’s easily adaptable and great for serving at summer outdoor parties as it will feed a large crowd. S’mores graham cereal squares need to go on your must make list. I was introduced many, […]

Goat Milk Formula

My kids were the allergy children when they were young. All three children were premature by six weeks or more. All three children had difficulty with formula. Formula that worked for one child didn’t work for another. It was frustrating. Now healthy and growing strong, our kids are growing and are healthy and thriving. And […]

Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Naturally sweetened chocolate cake in a mug is great for on days you have a serious chocolate craving and only takes two minutes to make! Life has been a rollercoaster. I feel like I’ve got pregnancy hormones but there is no way I’d be pregnant. The roller coaster of numb to mad to sad to […]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Eclairs

One of our family traditions is to have eclairs on Easter. I really wanted my own eclairs. Really, REALLY bad. But for me, it had to be a gluten free dairy free eclair. I found a couple of gluten free dairy free eclair recipes that I thought might work but one wanted me to use […]

Gluten Free Skillet Sugar Cookie

A delicious recipe for gluten free skillet sugar cookies. We’ve also made adaptations for those on a dairy free and vegan diet. Because EVERYONE should enjoy delicious tasting cookies. *NOTE: Our deep golden brown cookie color is made by the addition of using coconut sugar. Lightly colored sugars will yield a lighter colored cookie. Spring and […]

Non Dairy Beef Stroganoff Soup

The days cannot seem to decide what to do. Some days it’s warm, the next day cold and raining. But there is no snow, so that makes me happy. Days like today when the weather is cold and chilly this non dairy beef stroganoff soup is wonderful to have on hand. On the other hand, […]

Let’s Eat–Dessert!

If I had a choice to eat anything it would be dessert. I really could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And dessert. However, it’s been really, really, really hard lately with the surreal things going on in my personal life to get the time to get into the kitchen. There really is no […]

What I’m Loving…FREE Katz Gluten Free + MORE!!

Today I’m sharing my favorite things I’m loving right now. From workouts, to free gluten free food to some major worries my credit card might be declining purchases from a certain popular TV show in the near future… I know yesterday I shared that I haven’t gone to the gym…at all! this January. I actually laughed because in […]

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