Thanksgiving Turkey Coma Recap

Thanksgiving weekend plans were to spend the weekend grading papers (so fun!) and teaching while the kids spent Thanksgiving weekend away but that didn’t pan out and plans changed quickly and I ended up dropping everything and changing up the schedule last minute.

But not before I decided to change up the porch a little bit from Thanksgiving to Christmas:

christmas front porch decorations

L-R: Sleigh Target One Spot ($3), Sleigh Sign Walmart (.98), Lantern and Flowers Dollar Tree ($1/each)

Thanksgiving morning was fun. I made some of this bread and this bread gluten and dairy free for Thanksgiving breakfast in addition to some cinnamon rolls for the non gluten free bunch. When I made this bread I didn’t do the swirl thing as suggested and just added it to the bread and it still turned out amazing!!!

I had to take a trip to Target the night before Thanksgiving for more of this dairy free whipped topping (but they were OUT of every can!!! NOOOOO!!!!) and saw them setting up Disneyland style fencing to crowd control people getting into the store for Black Friday.

target black friday

I decided that the leftover bottle of Welch’s sparkling apple cider, my computer, a Christmas movie and my PJ’s were the perfect Thanksgiving night Black Friday shopping activity for me. Much less crowds and much warmer.

The next morning with snow on my doorstep, I headed down to the sun and warmer weather to spend the rest of the weekend with the kids who were doing good but having some moments with it being the first year without Dad.

I was greeted by my daughter using every plastic and paper cup in the house to make towers.

cup tower

cup tower

And sledding down the stairs with cousins.

sledding down stairs

And this one mourned the loss of his favorite college team loosing by tackling pie duty:

carrying pies

And while we were away, the dogs got to play. The one on the left pouted because my sister has birds and she wasn’t allowed to play (eat) them. I think the little one even tried to give her a pep talk but it didn’t work:

dogs playing together

We hope that you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!


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